Zeroing, or ‘sighting in,’ a scope means aligning your optic with the center of the target in order for the bullet to hit where you want it to. If you don’t sight in your scope, you will likely miss your target. Zeroing is necessary for hunters, long-range precision shooters, competitors and anyone concerned with accuracy.


Mount your Wraith riflescope with a comfortable eye relief. (Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the eyepiece on the scope. If you mount your riflescope too close to the rear of your rifle, the recoil of the gun can cause the scope to hit you in the forehead, causing what’s called ‘scope bite,’ resulting in a nasty cut or bruise.)


Turn your Wraith on by pressing and holding down the power (center) button until the Sightmark logo appears.


Adjust both the eyepiece diopter and focus adjustment until you get a crisp, clear image of your target. (The diopter is the measurement of the eye’s curvature. Since people’s eyes are all curved differently, the eyepiece diopter adjustment brings everything on the display screen such as your reticle and menu options into focus.)


Aim at the center of your target by placing the center of your reticle at the center of the target, take 1 to 3 shots. A vise or shooting rest will keep your rifle steady during the sight-in process. This will keep your rifle centered, mitigate recoil and reduce fatigue.


Press the center button once to bring up the main menu. Using the arrows on top of the unit, scroll down to “Reticle Settings” and press the center button to select. Use the bottom (down) arrow to scroll to “Reticle Zero.” Press the center button to select this option.

An additional red cross hair—called the red adjustment reticle in the manual—will pop up alongside your chosen reticle. Keep your reticle’s crosshairs pointed to the center of the target. 

Note: There will be four sets of numbers displayed on the top of the “Reticle Zero” screen. These numbers represent the reticle’s offset from the center. They are not necessary for the zeroing process but may be useful for readjusting to a known zero if you save these numbers.

Using the up, down, left and right arrows, move the red adjustment reticle to the bullet hole (“point of impact”) or initial grouping.

Exit out of the “Reticle Zero” setting by pushing the center power button to return to your shooting screen.

Take another 1 to 3 shots.

Repeat STEP 5 until zeroed. The Wraith is properly sighted in when your point of impact is the same as the center of the point of aim.