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        SKU : SM34001

        The Sightmark PVS-14 Slide to Side Mount is designed to be mounted to the PVS-14 night vision monocular and provide the shooter with versatility of adapting to light and dark shooting environments. When the shooter does not need the PVS-14 to engage targets in lit environments, the slide-to-side mount is pushed to the side and down. This removes the PVS-14 from view of the optical weapon sight, but still makes it easily accessible when needed. The Slide to Side mount attaches onto the PVS-14 objective lens lock ring, allowing the objective lens to rotate freely for focusing. The mount is constructed from aluminum, making it highly durable and a vital accessory for any PVS-14 user.

        US Pat. 8769859B2

        Included in Package

        • Slide-to-Side Mount
        • Allen Wrench

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        • Slide to side action
        • Quick detach weaver mount
        • Made from durable aluminum
        • Fits PVS-14 monocular


        EXPORT CONTROL NOTICE: This product is controlled for export and in-country transfer under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). division contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

        Mount Type weaver/picatinny
        Diameter, Ring 35.6 mm
        Material aluminum
        Finish/Color matte black
        Length 69.3 (mm),includes QD lever
        Width 62. 9 (mm),includes QD lever
        Width 110.5 (mm) STS engaged,includes QD lever
        Height 72.8 mm
        Weight 4 oz



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