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What is 3-Gun Competition?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty, interest in the firearms industry has skyrocketed. Tens of thousands of new firearms owners are visiting ranges, woodlands, rural areas—and 3-gun competition—to practice with their new hardware.

Many of these patriotic 2nd Amendment practitioners are eager to gain skills and experience—and there is one surefire way to accomplish this: competition.

3-gun competitions are relatively unknown to the American mainstream, but in gun stores and online communities around the country, 3-gun competitions are soaring in popularity.

The primary format for a traditional 3-gun competition is shooting with a rifle, shotgun and pistol—educating users along the way. To enable these learning experiences, Sightmark has several products worth considering.     

man in a 3-gun competition
A man in a 3-gun competition

Reflex Sights for 3-Gun Competition

These are the bread-and-butter of 3-gun competitions. Reflex sights allow the user to look through a partially-reflecting glass apparatus to achieve quick-target acquisition.

Reflex sights use illuminated reticles with varying brightness levels to facilitate short- and mid-range shooting. At, there are numerous reflex sights that customers, depending on their needs, may choose from.  

These reflex optics are all similar, save a few minor differences. They can be used on rimfire, centerfire pistol and most centerfire rifle rounds. Depending on the model, these reflex sights can withstand recoil up to .308 or .375 H&H.

They use very little battery power, boast windage and elevation click adjustments and 10 reticle brightness levels. Sightmark reflex sights are waterproof and dustproof and feature a steel ‘shield’ to protect the optic. Also, these optics also have scratch-resistant lens coating and 12-hour auto shut-off.

The “LQD” designation stands for ‘locking quick-detach mount’. The “Dark Earth” description refers to the optics that are desert-colored (yellow, light brown).

SM26043 – Mini Shot M-Spec FMS
SM26043DE – Mini Shot M-Spec FMS – Dark Earth
SM26043-LQD – Mini Shot M-Spec LQD
SM26043-LQDDE – Mini Shot M-Spec LQD – Dark Earth

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec LQD
Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec LQD

Ultimately, these reflex optics can also be used on rimfire, centerfire pistol and most centerfire rifle rounds. Rated to withstand recoil up to .50 BMG, they have compact, aluminum alloy housings, scratch-resistant lens coating and illuminated red reticle dots.

They are IP55 water-resistant, have slotted windage and elevation adjustments and are night-vision compatible.
SM26035 – Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight
SM26034 – Ultra Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Sight

 Rifle Optics for 3-Gun Competition

Low-Powered Variable Optics (LPVOs)

LPVOs are excellent for 3-gun competition. Their magnification range starts at true 1x and goes to a higher magnification that rarely exceeds 10x. LPVOs offer speed and downrange accuracy—perfect for 3-Gun competition, hunting and self-defense.

Also, the final number in their designation, in this case ‘24’, refers to the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. LPVOs provide a wide field-of-view and versatility between short- and mid-range engagements.

To truly compete in a 3-gun competition, you must invest in an LPVO.

SM13138CR1 – Citadel 1-10×24 CR1 Riflescope
SM13138HDR – Citadel 1-10×24 HDR Riflescope
SM13038CR1 – Citadel 1-6×24 CR1 Riflescope

Sightmark Citadel 1-10×24
Sightmark Citadel 1-10×24

Because most 3-gun competitions don’t necessarily have a ‘long-range’ portion of competition, the following products are highly useful for “ASAP” shooting competitions, which are long-range oriented.

Precision Optics for 3-Gun Competition

These scopes begin Sightmark’s medium- to long-range precision shooting optics. They have red, illuminated, first focal plane reticles and single-piece 30mm tubes. Each scope is shockproof, fogproof and waterproof and boasts fully multi-coated optics.

They come standard with flip-up lens covers, a sunshade and one CR2032 battery. The great benefits of the Sightmark Citadel series are mainly accuracy, durability and affordability.

SM13039LR1 Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 LR1 Riflescope
SM13039LR2 Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 LR2 Riflescope
SM13039MR2 Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 MR2 Riflescope
SM13040LR2 Sightmark Citadel 5-30×56 LR2 Riflescope

Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 LR2
Sightmark Citadel 3-18×50 LR2

Benchrest Optics

Benchrest optics mean just that—the rifle rests on a bench, in a vice, or on a support when it is fired. This is the ultimate class for long-range precision. Benchrest optics use high magnification and attempt to eliminate as many variables as possible from precision shooting.

Depending on the competition, rules may be in place to restrict the scope’s size and weight. Bench rest optics are among the most expensive on the market, given their extreme accuracy and fine-tuned MOA adjustments.  

Sightmark Latitude 6.5-25×56 F-Class
Sightmark Latitude 6.5-25×56 F-Class

SM13042FTR – Latitude 6.5-25×56 F-Class Riflescope
SM13042PRS – Latitude 6.5-25×56 PRS Riflescope
SM13043FTR – Latitude 8-32×60 F-Class Riflescope
SM13044BR – Latitude 10-40×60 Benchrest Riflescope
SM13044FTR – Latitude 10-40×60 F-Class Riflescope

Spotting Scopes

As related to 3-gun competition, spotting scopes are used to assist a marksman. Also, in 3-gun, there are often teams who score their shooting collectively, but each person also competes individually.

However, they may use a teammate with a spotting scope for long-range shots to verify the placement of each shot without needing to physically walk-up to the target and interfere with the firing.

Judges may also use spotting scopes to ‘score’ the hits from afar.

Sightmark’s spotting scopes are fully multi-coated, feature rubber-armored housings and straight eyepiece designs. They offer Picatinny rail accessories, tripod adapters and are waterproof and fogproof.

SM11033 Sightmark Latitude 15-45×60 Spotting Scope
SM11033T Sightmark Latitude 15-45×60 Tactical Spotting Scope
SM11034 Sightmark Latitude 20-60×80 XD Spotting Scope
SM11034T Sightmark Latitude 20-60×80 XD Tactical Spotting Scope

Sightmark Latitude 15-45×60 Spotting Scope
Sightmark Latitude 15-45×60 Spotting Scope

Sightmark Supports Shooting Competitions

3-gun competition is a spectacular way for shooters to enhance their skills. The thrill of competition and the urgency of making quick-shooting decisions at multiple distances will challenge any shooter’s skills.

3-gun competition forces shooters to adapt on-the-fly and make multiple, tactical decisions under stress. Therefore, if you are a novice 3-gun competitor, your scores and placements may disappoint you initially, but with practice, you’ll discover abilities you never thought possible.

Generally, 3-gun competition sharpens the skills of hunters, people engaging in self-defense and just shooters in general. To become the strongest, most accurate shooter you can possibly be, go to to get the gear, and try your hand at 3-gun competition!  

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