Wraith Firmware

Sightmark Wraith HD/4K Series Firmware Download and Installation Guide

The firmware download and installation process is a straight-forward process that can take roughly 5 minutes to successfully carry out. There are, however, preliminary steps and words of caution that need to be adhered to for a safe and successful install.

  1. Confirm that the batteries within the unit are full or simply connect the unit to an external power source. During the install, loss of power or removal of the memory card before the firmware installation is complete, could cause serious damage to the unit.
  2. Updating firmware from older versions may result in the loss of zero and profile information. It is recommended to manually record your zeroing information (x and y coordinates) before carrying out the install.

Step 1: Download

    1. From your computer, download the latest firmware by clicking on the appropriate language and the SKU/Model that you have (download provided below).
      The SKU can be found on the box or manual.

Wraith HD 4-32x50 (SKU/Model #: SM18011) Wraith HD 2-16x32 (SKU/Model #: SM18021) Wraith 4K Max 3-24x50 (SKU/Model #: SM18030)

Wraith HD and 4K Firmware Download:

Model# SM18030

Model# SM18021

Model# SM18011

2. Once you click on the correct version, you will start to see a download appear within your web browser. Depending on the computer you have and the web browser you use, the download can appear in numerous locations. Once the download is complete, simply click on the download and a secondary window will appear, showing the download.

*Ensure that the download is named correctly depending on the unit you have:

SM18011:File Name: SD_UPDATE.BRN

SM18021:File Name: 2X_UPDATE.BRN

SM18030:File Name: RIFLE_SCOPE_FWUPDATE_V2.bin

If the file is not named correctly, the download will not be transferred to the unit. You can change the name by right clicking the file with your mouse and select, 'rename'.

*Ensure that the downloaded file is unzipped.

After the file is downloaded, if you see a blue letter 'Z', '.zip', or a zipper overlaying the file, the file will need to be unzipped. To carry out this function, right-click the file with your mouse and select, 'unzip' or 'extract all' and the file should reappear as a solid, manila folder without anything overlaying it.

Step 2: Transfer

1. Insert your 64Gb microSD card into your computer. You should see it pop up on the left-hand side of your "Files/Downloads" window. Simply drag-and-drop the unzipped file you previously downloaded and renamed, onto your microSD card. Once you have dragged and dropped the file onto you SD card, confirm the successful transfer by clicking on the SD card. You should clearly see the file within the SD card.

*Ensure that there aren't any previous firmware update files on the microSD card

Once you have confirmed the transfer, right click on the microSD card (located on the left of window) and select, "Eject". You can now remove the microSD card from your computer.

2. Turn on your Wraith and insert the microSD card. Once inserted, use the menu adjustment arrows/control knob to access your "Firmware Settings". Select "Firmware Update" and the download should start to transfer onto the unit. You will clearly see a prompt on the display that indicates that the update is currently being transferred onto the unit. Once the unit has successfully downloaded, the unit will turn off. Let the unit sit for a couple of minutes and then turn on. Confirm the success of the firmware download by going into your setting and click on "Firmware Version". You should now see the updated firmware version within this menu.

For further assistance please submit a request located in the top right-hand corner of this page or give us a call!