Your New Favorite Pistol Red Dot Sight

Your New Favorite Pistol Red Dot Sight

Picture this scene: you’re at a pistol shooting competition somewhere in the Nevada desert. The dry heat is bearing down on you, the white targets blend with the sand in the distant blur of the mirage, and you worry the sun is so bright that it’ll outshine your new red dot’s reticle. You don’t remember the last time you charged it.

The range officer’s buzzer goes off in your ear, and through muscle memory you draw and aim your weapon in one quick motion. You look through your red dot optic and see its bright red reticle: a crisp 3 MOA dot, marking a clear point of aim in the center of your first target. With both eyes open, you fire three shots with your .45 caliber pistol and all of them make their marks. As you engage more targets, your faithful red dot moves along with your eyes, never flickering or wavering despite the violent kick of your .45. Attached to your pistol is the newest member of Sightmark’s long line of red dot sights, the Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar

Named for its solar panel, which gives it potentially unlimited energy independent of its battery, the Solar is perfect for any high intensity situations in the blistering heat, especially because its Eclipse Light Management System automatically adjusts the brightness of its reticle to correspond with the light level of the environment around it. Whether it’s the light of the sun or artificial light in a photo studio, the environment will never be too bright for the Solar. 

Because of its nature as a red dot sight, the Solar makes it easy to engage targets from different stances and from a wide variety of shooting positions. Thanks to the clarity of the Solar’s 3 MOA reticle, you’ll never need to worry about lining up your iron sights again. As every competition shooter knows, speed and accuracy are king, and with Sightmark’s Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar you get both, in addition to an extremely long battery life and an adaptive reticle. Along with its price point of only $299.97, this makes the Solar one of the best red dot optic options on the market today.

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Hey Dale. The Solar M2 models are always on. They automatically dim and brighten so the battery life is extremely long when they’re in the dark, with up to 20,000 hours on middle brightness.

Sellmark Webmaster

Does it have auto shutdown and do you have to remove it to replace batteries?


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