Longer hunts with the Mini QD External Battery

Longer Hunts with mini QD External Battery

Sightmark’s Wraith 4k is a cutting edge digital rifle optic, capable of operating in both daytime and nighttime conditions. Boasting sharp visuals with the ruggedness expected of a quality hunting scope, the Wraith is one of the best scopes for 24 hour hunting. While Wraith’s battery life lasts a good 8 hours, enough for any single day trip, a hunter on a three day expedition wants his optic to last as long as his adventure.

The Mini QD External Battery is the solution. Compatible with both USB A and C ports, this 6,000mAh battery is designed with a quick detach battery system which snaps to any picatinny rail without the need to fiddle with screws or Allen keys. Weighing at only 5.4 ounces, the Mini QD is so light it’s barely noticeable when it’s attached to a firearm, making it unobtrusive as well as practical. Adding approximately 8 hours to the Wraith’s battery life, the Mini QD external battery makes the Wraith a true dawn to dusk optic.

The Mini QD External Battery isn’t just limited to the Wraith. Its USB C connector makes it extremely versatile in the field. Here are a few other things a hunter could use it for:


1. Hand warmers

If you hunt in a particularly cold part of the world, you won’t want your hands to be shivering when you take that all-important kill shot. The OCOOPA hand warmer is a long-lasting battery powered device which lasts 8 hours on high power, but could last much longer when attached to the Mini QD External Battery.

Mini QD External Battery

2. Phone charging

No one in the 21st century would dare to venture into the wilderness without a cell phone. In an emergency, your phone is your best chance at getting help, and a multiple-day long hunting expedition could see your phone battery dwindle. The Mini QD’s capacity and cable compatibility makes it a great option for keeping your phone going, especially in emergency situations.

Power Bank

3. GoPro

While the Wraith is capable of recording hunting footage through the lens of a riflescope, some outdoorsmen enjoy recording point-of-view video of them trekking through the beauty of nature. The GoPro Hero11 is capable of recording for 80 minutes when the camera is set to capture footage at 5.3k/30fps, which could be extended for hours more with the addition of the Mini QD Battery Pack.

GoPro Hero11

4. Thermal Binoculars

The Wraith shines at night vision, but hunters who want the best of both night vision and thermal can also use Pulsar’s excellent binoculars like the Merger LRF XP50 which offer crystal clear thermal vision with multiple color palettes. These have a typical battery life of about ten hours, which could be doubled with the help of the Mini QD Battery Pack.

Merger LRF XP50 – Third Coast Thermal

5. Thermacell (using its own cable)

Nobody likes mosquitoes. These disease-carrying bloodsuckers are especially annoying when you’re trying to take a shot and the little pests are buzzing around your ear. Maybe one of them is feeding on your hand, making it so itchy that you jerk your trigger. To keep mosquitoes away in your deer blind, consider the Thermacell EX90. With nine hours of battery life on its own, you can extend its life for multiple days of hunting with the Mini QD battery. Even though the Thermacell uses a USB A cable to charge, the Mini QD is still compatible.

Thermacell mosquito killer


How would you apply the Micro QD’s 6,000mAh battery capacity? Tell us in the comments below!

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