Coyote Hunting is Land Management

A hunter with a Sightmark Wraith HD

Making a Coyote Mercy Harvest with the Sightmark Wraith

Show me a room full of hunters and I’ll show you a room full of environmentalists. In fact, the money for hunting and fishing licenses—$20 billion annually—goes towards sport fish management, species and habitat restoration, habitat protection, research and education, and public access for fishing and boating. Nuisance animal control, including coyote hunting, is a vital part of conservation.

All told, hunting and fishing industries are the largest financial contributors to environmentally-minded programs in America. Therefore, when hunters see an animal in agony because of reckless pollution, our blood boils. Consider this story from Allen Almond, a new coyote hunter and Sightmark Wraith night vision riflescope user:


Dad and I went out last night in Stanly County, NC. It was 48° outside and I’m new to coyote hunting; once we got to our spot, we set up and started scanning the field—approximately 250 yds to the fence line of the property—we were permitted to hunt, and on the other side of that boundary fence was another field that’s about 400 yds.

Sightmark Wraith 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope

With the Sightmark Wraith, we could see all the way to the other end of the back field, which was like 630 yds. We got set up and started scanning and calling – and saw nothing for about 30 minutes.

We kept trying for another 50 minutes—Dad is getting in his 70s—and I told him let’s give it another 10 minutes and call it a day. I let him scan with the Sightmark Wraith HD, and after about 10 more minutes, I hit the call and let it cycle while he scanned the fence line at 250 yds…and a coyote walked out!

The coyote sat down, just looking around the field, and I told my Dad I saw a coyote, and he stepped out of the way and let me take the shot. We ranged the coyote at 247 yds. I steadied my rifle and settled the crosshairs on his breast. I took a straight, ethical shot.


A coyote hunt becomes a good deed

As you can see, it dropped in its tracks. When we walked down there, I could see a pipe on its neck, and I couldn’t figure what I was seeing and as I got closer, I’m like “What the hell?”

I reckon the coyote got stuck in that pipe when it was a pup and had probably lived its entire life with that garbage on its neck. The area on each end of the pipe was raw, rotten and infected and I felt sorry for it having to live life like that.

Anyways, it was quality time spent with my Dad and I told him I couldn’t imagine a better coyote hunt. We ended that animal’s suffering, although I’m sad that poor creature was ever in that predicament in the first place.


And there you have it – a hunter rescuing an animal from a life of pain and mutilation. If industrial and commercial polluters were as conscientious as America’s average huntsmen, the world would be a cleaner, healthier place. Products like the Sightmark Wraith HD enable predator hunters to take an ethical, clean shot. Don’t let any animal suffer needlessly—get your Sightmark Wraith HD—and get to work.

The Importance of Predator Hunting

Uncontrolled predator populations, especially coyotes, can devastate livestock and become a danger to humans. In the United States, and North America generally, urban and rural coyotes have no bag limit and coyote hunting season lasts from mid-October to mid-March.

Nuisance fur-bearing animals like coyotes and hogs do not require a hunting license in most states. You should check with local officials and wildlife authorities before engaging in hunting activities.

Various jurisdictions place restrictions on the types of technology that can be used for hunting, and they also regulate the time of day that certain technologies are permissible. If you’re ever in doubt about the legal status of your hunt, consult your local game warden and other authorities.

The Sightmark Wraith Day / Night Device for Coyote Control Efforts

The Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16×28 and the Wraith HD 4-32×50 digital riflescopes are two different model offerings, but both are quality scopes and essential tools for the field when it comes to predator and coyote hunting. When you need rapid target identification and flawless precision, Sightmark’s Wraiths have you covered.

Featuring 8x digital zoom, 1080p full-color digital imaging and 10 reticle options, the Sightmark Wraith digital riflescope is trusted by thousands of coyote hunters to give them a clear target.

We know a predator doesn’t always wander past your blind, and you may spend a great amount of time simply waiting in your blind, and that’s why the Sightmark Wraith HD provides 3.5 hours of life on four common AA batteries.

This digital riflescope boasts daytime and nighttime color modes and built-in video recording with sound, so you can share your hunting experiences with friends and family. Preserve those coyote hunting memories!

A hunter with a Sightmark Wraith HD

A hunter with a Sightmark Wraith HD

Sometimes you drop your scope—and sometimes it rains—and that’s why we make the Sightmark Wraith very durable: Hardy aluminum body, IP55 water-resistant and shockproof.

Sightmark’s Wraith HD guarantees you can identify your target 100% and alleviates worries about shooting domestic dogs or pets. Predator hunting is an important part of environmentalism, and Sightmark’s optics and accessories ensure you get the job done right the first time. 

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