An Oklahoma Deer Hunt

An Oklahoma Deer Hunt

It was a cold November morning with a gentle fog over the fields of Central Oklahoma. Sunlight filtered through the stark branches of Blackjack trees in the thicket behind me. My breath mingled with the air. It was the peak of the whitetail rut.

On the fifth day of the annual Oklahoma rifle hunt, I perched atop an old tank battery. The faded drab colors of this decommissioned relic blended well with the surrounding landscape, offering a good vantage point. To the south, two distinct tree lines were split by a CRP field.

While I was glassing the southern tree line, what at first appeared to me as blurry as gray silhouettes turned into feeding deer. A group of does grazed leisurely in my direction. Suddenly, they sprinted across the field. I knew a buck would soon follow. With my right hand, I readied my camera, pointing it towards the anticipated path of the approaching buck, while I activated my Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16x28 with my right.

Recently, I invested in the Wraith 4k Max 2-16x28 Digital Night Vision Riflescope to get more through-device footage for my videos, a must for any self-filming YouTube hunter. I stumbled upon this gem while exploring another YouTube page. Its standout feature was the ability to record high-definition footage through the scope, an indispensable feature for POV hunts, especially when the challenge of focusing on the animal while making a precise shot is all too real for anyone who has attempted to record hunting videos.

The buck burst from the tree line, running toward the does. I aimed my gun, aligning it with the running deer. I bellowed a resounding "MEEEAHH," and the buck halted. Controlling my breath, I aligned my crosshairs over the creature’s vitals and fired. The sharp report of my 6.5 Grendel shattered the morning calm. I expected him to drop, but instead, he and the does sprinted across the CRP field. A miss? Impossible. This was a shot I had made countless times before. I ran to the spot where the buck had stood, hoping for signs of blood or hair. Instead, I found the stump of a sapling split by my bullet. It was apparent that the thin tree altered the course of my shot.

I returned to my tank battery, dragging myself up the ladder with a heavy heart, disappointed in my bad luck. I wouldn’t let that one shot ruin my hunt. The morning was young, and it still held potential. As I glassed the field again, to my surprise, I found the buck and doe stopped about 400 yards away. Two more bucks joined the pursuit. Opportunity had fallen into my lap.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my rifle and GoPro, leaving my main camera behind. The tall grass provided adequate concealment as I closed the distance. I reached a tree about 200 yards from the deer. Leaning against it, I readied my gun. Movement caught my eye—the trio of bucks were emerging over a small hill. Poised to take a shot as they ascended the hill's edge.

Out of nowhere, one of them sprinted directly toward me, halting 150 yards from my position. He was looking for one of the does who had wandered off from the small herd. I aimed and fired. The Wraith captured the moment the bullet hit the buck's chest, dropping him on the spot.

Seated, I allowed my thoughts to settle. Standing slowly, I let the events of the day sink in, etching the memory deep into my mind. The surge of sentiment overwhelmed me, and my hands began to get the telltale tremors of buck fever.

Running my fingers over the antlers and softly patting the deer’s head, I whispered a heartfelt prayer, thanking the Lord for the opportunity to harvest this magnificent animal, sustenance for my family.

At home, I shared the story with my family. My son's enthusiasm was infectious. Extracting the SD card from the Wraith, I shared the experience with my family. This video found its place on YouTube, thanks to the Wraith. Since that autumn hunt, I've chosen the Wraith HD as my preferred optic for deer hunting, enhancing this ongoing journey through Sightmark's partnership.

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