Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts Swing into Action

Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts
We made these to help you adjust your optics from close to mid-range when seconds count. 

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/07/14) – Adjusting optics from close- to mid-range on the fly has always been challenging, especially under high-stress operations and high-stakes competitive matches. Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts swing into action to resolve this issue in less than a second without compromising your movements or ability to quickly acquire and engage targets.

Built rugged to stand up to the abuse of military, law enforcement and hardcore professional competitors, Sightmark’s Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts boast heavy-duty aluminum 6061-T6 construction and a hardened anodized matte black, anti-reflective finish.

Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts are available in two 30mm models, SM34015 and SM34016. SM34015 offers rock-solid mounting via a single installation screw and a two-part ring. SM34015 is designed to accommodate any 30mm magnifier. SM34016 offers a single-piece ring with one clamping point and a rock-solid, locking quick-detach (QD) base. SM34016 fits only straight 30mm magnifiers without an objective bell. Both models are designed to fit perfectly on Picatinny rail systems.

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