How to Read Sightmark Product Names

How to Read Sightmark Product Names

Acronyms can be handy memory aids, but they may not always be clear to everyone. We at Sightmark want our customers to feel confident and informed about their choices. This article is designed to shed light on some key acronyms used in our product names, ensuring you have all the information you need to find the perfect Sightmark red dot optic for you.

The Sightmark RAM Series

The RAM series of red dot sights is structured into three tiers: R-Spec, A-Spec, and M-Spec. These tiers were created to improve model recognition and reduce customer confusion. Each tier is geared for a specific group of applicants and features specific attributes.

R-Spec (Range Spec)

This tier is geared towards casual range shooters and infrequent hunters. While the R-Spec series is typically made of the same lightweight but durable aircraft grade aluminum as optics from the higher tiers, it lacks some of the optional features from the higher tiers.

A-Spec (Advanced Spec)

A-Spec models are purpose built for three-gun competitions and home defense. These models feature advanced features and accessories such as the Ultra Shot A-Spec’s aluminum alloy shield to give the optic greater reliability.

M-Spec (Military Spec)

Built for hardcore rugged stability, these optics are made for use by law enforcement and military personnel. Serious hunters, competition shooters, and people with a passion for run-and-gun shooting will appreciate the extra care and added features put into these models, such as the Mini Shot M-Spec’s 12 hour auto shutoff, which helps preserve battery life.


The M System

Within each tier we offer, products are broken down into 3 different mounting systems, also known as footprints. We refer to these as M1, M2, and M3.

  • M1 - Docter/Noblex footprint
  • M2 - RMR footprint
  • M3 - RMS-c footprint

This naming convention allows customers to choose products based on the tier they desire and ensures compatibility with specific mounting systems or footprints. It simplifies the process for users looking to integrate these products into their setups, as they can select the appropriate model based on their preferences or existing equipment.


Miscellaneous Acronyms

MTS – Modern Tactical Sight

These hooded red dot sights are characterized by their tubular designs, which provide glare protection and a clearer field of view. Both the solar and non-solar varieties also feature external adjustment knobs akin to a telescopic riflescope for easy, toolless windage and elevation adjustment.

LQD – Locking Quick Detach

This refers to a technology, not the optic itself. A secure locking quick detach mechanism prevents the mount from accidentally opening if the latch is caught on a vest or some other piece of gear. This is important if the optic is on a service firearm. The locking quick detach mount makes it easy for toolless attachment and removal, excellent for an optic one might want to use on multiple firearm platforms.

FMS – Fixed Mounting System

An FMS optic offers a more traditional design, securing the optic to the firearm with mounting screws. Some customers may prefer FMS mounts for their added stability and the ability to augment the mounting system with Loctite.

FSR/CSR – Full Size Red Dot and Compact Size Red Dot

Unique to the Sightmark Wolverine series of red dot optics, these refer not just to the size of the optics themselves, but also to their application. The Wolverine FSR is built for full-size firearms such as rifles, while its CSR counterpart is for compact shotguns and carbines.

Whether you're a casual shooter, competitive enthusiast, or a military professional, Sightmark red dot optics are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, bringing clarity, reliability, and precision to your shooting experience. Choose Sightmark, where every product tells a story of innovation and excellence.

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