Sightmark Element Mini Solar Red Dot Sight

Sightmark Element Mini Solar Red Dot Sight

By Sightmark  

Solar red dot sights are the rock-stars of the firearms-optics industry. Solar optics hold a massive advantage over every other optic – they don’t need batteries. The solar panel atop the Element Mini ensures that the device will remain powered if the sun is shining. No more dependence on batteries, no more showing up at the range and discovering you’re on ‘low power’, nor tedious trips to Target for some batteries.


Naturally, the sun isn’t always shining. Clouds happen, and that’s why the Element Mini has dual-power capability. No sun? Use batteries. No batteries? Use the sun. Neither? Buy some batteries or go shooting on a different day. If you have both, the device will be supercharged, providing users with up to 400k hours of operation. With dual-power, users have greater control over how and when they shoot.

Choose Your Brightness

Like all red dots, the Element Mini is ideal for close or mid-range shooting distances. At long ranges of 100 yards or more, a red dot is virtually invisible. At 50 yards or less, the red dot should be easily visible, and with the Element Mini’s digital switch brightness controls, the user gets to decide how bright their red dot is. This ability to manipulate the dot’s brightness has a purpose – to manage the device’s power levels. In the depths of night, a mildly-bright red dot is sufficient; in the dazzling glare of daylight, the brightest setting may be needed.

Automatic Lighting Feature

The Element Mini, along with its other great qualities, boasts the revolutionary Eclipse Light Management System (ELMS). This state-of-the-art technology supports shooters who don’t want to worry about adjusting their own red dot brightness during dawn and dusk hours. Experienced hunters know that many prey animals, such as deer, rabbits and certain birds, are crepuscular. That means they are most active at dawn and dusk, which is why hunters will wake up in the wee hours of the morning to set up in a deer-blind, or set out in late afternoon to reach their hunting spot. As they wait, the level of natural light changes, and with the ELMS, the red dot will adjust automatically. There is no fooling around with dials, switches, menu options or settings – ELMS does it all. If the sun is going down, the red dot automatically brightens. If the sun is rising, the red dot dims. It’s just that simple.

A Durable Device

The Element Mini is a powerful, affordable solar red dot sight – that much is clear. What is not obvious at first glance is the Element Mini’s durability. It has a unique, shockproof design that can withstand recoil up to .338 Win Mag. The Element Mini has a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens coating, a hinged battery door, and an IP67 waterproof rating. To go further, the Element Mini can operate in temperatures from -22°F to 122°F, so whether you’re in Siberia or the Sahara, the Element Mini will function perfectly.

The Total Package

Every aspect of the Element Mini Solar Red Dot is designed for efficiency. This device gives you more choices and flexibility than any other solar red dot in the industry. Do you want to use batteries, the sun, or both? Would you prefer to adjust the red dot’s brightness yourself, or just sit back and let the ELMS manage things? Which environment do you want to shoot in? Freezing tundra, boiling desert, stuffy woodlands, open prairie? The Element Mini works anywhere on the planet. What if you accidentally drop the Element Mini, step on it, or it gets thrown around in your gun case? No worries, the Element Mini is eminently durable. If the device is truly damaged, Sightmark offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover accidental damage. With included accessories such as flip caps, a low Picatinny Mount and absolute cowitness mount, the Element Mini from Sightmark is one of the most affordable, quality optics you’ll find anywhere in the firearms optics industry.