Sightmark Sniper Data Book With Cover

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The Sightmark Sniper Data Book puts shooters on target with precision, repeatable performance. When marksmanship is your game, proper recording of weather and range information as well as zeroing and plotting are critical. This shooter’s best friend features over 200 pages of formulas, conversion tables, range charts, barrel logs, data sheets and customizable wind and range charts perfect for use with multiple calibers and firearms. Data sheets include cold bore/zeroing, target, chronograph, reloading and target lead. Crosswind weight factor charts, barrel logs and room for notes also are included. The spiral-bound Sightmark Sniper Data Book is built to stand up to tough days at the range with a 130-lb. cover and durable 70-lb. pages. Dimensions: 8.5”L x 5.5”W. Weight: 12.8 oz.


  • Target lead data sheets (20)
  • Field sketch sheets (10)
  • Chronograph data sheets (5)
  • Reload data sheets (5)
  • Barrel log sheets (5)
  • Notes (11)
  • References (1)

Included in Package

  • Formulas, conversion tables, range charts (18)
  • Custom range charts (4)
  • Custom crosswind weight factor charts (5)
  • Custom wind charts (5)
  • Custom optic setup charts (5)
  • Cold bore/zero data sheets (40)
  • Target data sheets (80)


  • Nylon protective bookcover
  • Over 200 pages of formulas, conversion tables, range charts, barrel logs, and datasheets
  • Can be used for multiple calibers and firearms
  • Customizable wind charts and range charts

Material Nylon, Booklet-130lb. cover w/ 70lb. pages
Dimensions 8.5x5.5 / 216x140 in/mm
Weight, oz 12.8