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Sightmark Pressure pad and mount for SM73007K H2000 Flashlight

Sightmark Pressure pad and mount for SM73007K H2000 Flashlight

Stay focused and keep your hands close to the trigger with this accommodating pressure pad and weapons mount. Designed for mounting a Sightmark® Triple Duty H2000 or SS2000 Flashlight to a Firearm, this accessory is a shooter's most valuable item, saving precious battery life and increasing convenience for any tactical scenario. Simply screw the pressure pad onto the end of the H2000 or SS2000 tactical flashlight, and run the chord along the rail of a mounted weapon. The clamp attaches to the flashlight, which securely attaches the flashlight to the rail. The pressure switch threads onto the battery compartment in place of the push-button tail cap and will activate the flashlight's last-used output mode, even strobe or SOS mode. This system enables the shooter to squeeze the pressure pad and activate the flashlight without letting go of the trigger, allowing them to maintain concentration and stay on target.

  • Pressure Pad Features
  • Quick on/off capability
  • Saves battery life
  • Weapons Mount Features
  • Durable
  • Attaches to weaver rails
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