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Sightmark IR-805 Compact Infrared Illuminator

Sightmark IR-805 Compact Infrared Illuminator

Combined with any night vision riflescope or monocular, the Sightmark® IR-805 Compact Infrared Illuminator acts as a powerful flashlight during night vision use, allowing users to easily illuminate their target. Featuring an 805nm wavelength, the device is great for indoor and outdoor use with low-light ambient conditions such as a SWAT raid in a dark warehouse or varmint hunting out on a moonless night. Operable with two AAA batteries, the IR-805 Compact Infrared Illuminator offers two power options, a low output at 70mW and a high output at 100mW. The IR illuminator has a battery life of 20 hours, as well as an adjustable beam focus to widen or narrow the stream of light, allowing operators to adapt to long and short ranges, and indoor/outdoor use. For closer ranges or indoor use where target acquisition is important, the wider beam will cover a wider field-of-view. The design of the IR flashlight is ideal for hand-held use, and the location of the on/off switch makes it easy to operate with the thumb. As long as the enemy does not have night vision, the IR-805 Compact Infrared Illuminator can be used for covert signaling at night. The device includes a nylon carrying case for easy carry and storage, and a standard 1-inch weaver mount that fits securely onto most AR-15s and average rifles.

  • Increased detection range
  • Identify objects more accurately
  • Adjustable power output
  • Adjustable beam, spot to flood
  • 20 hour operating time
Equivalent IR Power 70 and 100 mW
Diameter, Lens, mm 19 mm
IR Wavelength 805 nm
Power Supply 3 (2xAAA)
Range of Beam Divergence 8 to 14 degree
Rifle Mount Weaver
Average Operation Time With On Set of Batteries 20 hour
Waterproof Rating IPX4 (weatherproof)
Material, Lens glass
Body Material plastic
Width 32 mm
Height 48 mm
Weight 4.2 oz
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