Sightmark Warriors Continue Operations

Valued customers,

Thank you for choosing Sightmark. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are fully operational and ready to assist in any way possible. Our outdoor lifestyle products are more crucial now than ever, and our warranties are rock-solid. Our commitment to providing superior customer service and high-quality products has not wavered.

For assistance with your product, please email us at:

In support of law enforcement, military and shipping/distribution operations, we are considered an essential business. Many of our employees are working remotely to help support social distancing efforts, and the ones working in-person have been given KN95 masks, protective gloves, hand sanitizer and distancing guidelines.

In these uncertain times, protecting and providing for our families is the top priority. At Sightmark, we get critical survival products into the hands of people who need them – at a great value! Flashlights are especially valuable – when the lights go out, people still need to see what is out there. Red dot sights are also very popular – self-defense, hunting and quick-target acquisition have made Sightmark’s red dot sights some of the most respected in the industry.

We understand that not all of our customers are hardcore outdoorsmen and survivalist fanatics. Average, office-dwelling 9-to-5 working men and women need shooting accessories and outdoor products, too, and our items are constantly on sale! If you are a white-collar accountant, retail salesperson or just a college student, you may not need the strongest, most expensive night vision optics in the world – and that’s where we come in. We provide quality, practical gear at a fraction of the price the large outdoor lifestyle companies offer. We stand behind every product and our customer service is absolutely top-notch. We answer our phones, respond to emails and fulfill every warranty guarantee that we give. We recognize that individual, quality service is what sets us apart – and we hope you recognize that, too!

Many of the discounted products we sell are not what jumps into people’s minds when they think of survivalism. Night vision optics are just for hunting, right? Wrong – night vision optics can help find a missing person in the woods, or an animal that has wandered from the herd. Sightmark Boresights are another product that may not seem essential, but yet, they can help save users thousands of dollars by allowing them to sight-in quickly and accurately without expending unnecessary time and ammunition. These products don’t just make the user look cooler- they help the community! Fighting crime, saving money and building a better relationship between people and their firearms is what Sightmark is all about.

Although we carry many different products, we fully stand behind each and every one of them. Everything that is purchasable on is backed by a warranty. Customers will never purchase an item, discover it is defective, and then be ignored or left out in the cold. We pride ourselves on human-to-human relationships, and our quality assurance and sales employees are highly knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of outdoor lifestyles.

In a world of uncertainties, Sightmark is a name you can trust. Our employees remain committed to good health, honest business practices and top-notch customer service. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have never stopped working. Our customers are the #1 priority, and we will continue to comply with all federal, state and local guidelines to ensure that we fulfill our mission to provide quality outdoor lifestyle products at fair discounts. As recent months have shown, the future is unpredictable, and if you want to prepare efficiently and affordably, bring your business to Sightmark!

Free Gun Friday

Sightmark has partnered with Athlon Outdoors for Free Gun Friday! This month, you could win a Barrett MRAD 6.5 Creedmoor rifle, a SilencerCo Omega suppressor, 500 rounds of Black Hills ammo and a Sightmark 5-30x50mm Pinnacle long-range riflescope.

This is their biggest Free Gun Friday yet, with the package worth $9,600!

For extreme long-range distances, the 5-30x50mm Pinnacle riflescope will make your shot count out to 1,000 yards and further.
For extreme long-range distances, the 5-30x50mm Pinnacle riflescope will make your shot count out to 1,000 yards and further.

The Sightmark Pinnacle is designed for long-range precision shooting out to 1,000 yards and further. It features a first focal plane TMD-HW reticle for range estimation and holdovers for bullet drop, crosswind and moving targets.

Click here to enter!

From Athlon Outdoors:

How Does “Free Gun Friday” Work?

We’ve partnered with a different manufacturer for every month of 2019.

For the first Friday of every month, we’ll announce the new giveaway gun. On that day, we’ll open up the sweepstakes for readers to enter and win the gun. We’ll also release our first video on the gun, where you can learn about what you’re entering to win.

On the second and third Fridays of each month, we’ll release two more videos showing the gun in action. Our experts have taken it to the range and run it through drills to make sure it’s ready to rock by the time it gets to you.

Which brings us to the last day of the month when the sweepstakes ends. The next week we will select a winner and send out an email notifying the lucky reader.

Click here to check out the Sightmark Pinnacle long-range scope.

How Sightmark Makes Its Mark—Charitable Youth Hunts

The Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) have joined forces to offer youth hunts that are safe, educational and very affordable. We sponsor introductory, instructive youth hunts for deer, turkey, hogs, javelina, exotics, dove, small game, waterfowl, varmints and other species. Normally, we provide mentors, lodging and meals.

Sightmark partners with youth hunts by providing mentorship and products.
Sightmark partners with youth hunts by providing mentorship and products.

Sellmark, Inc. (Sightmark’s parent company) has always been dedicated to participating in a wide variety of charitable youth hunts by providing mentorship, sponsorship and products.

We not only design and make products for shooters and hunters but hunting is also in our blood. It is our lifestyle, too. It is just one way we can help pass down the tradition and heritage of ethical hunting to the next generation.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, from 2011-2016, our community lost 2.2 million hunters. In 2018, less than 5% of the American population hunted. This is a significant amount of loss in hunting licenses that provide money to fund conservation and advocacy…not to mention the economic impact due to loss of jobs.

The bulk of hunters have been Baby Boomers—people born between 1946 to 1964—and naturally, this group is aging out of being able to participate in hunting. By teaching the younger generation the healthy benefits both to wildlife and ourselves of hunting, we can help prevent the potential loss of $3.3 billion in funding toward conservation. All it takes is introducing just one new hunter a year.

Partnering with landowners and skilled mentors and volunteers, the TYHP organizes deer, turkey, hog, dove, small game, exotics and waterfowl hunts for Texas youth, providing guns, ammunition, calls and other equipment, lodging and meals.
Partnering with landowners and skilled mentors and volunteers, the TYHP organizes all types of hunts.

Sightmark encourages you to #MakeYourMark and introduce a new hunter this season! Show us how you’ve Made Your Mark by following us on social media, posting a picture of you teaching a new shooter, helping out with a youth hunt or other charitable act or event, tag us and use the hashtag #MakeYourMark for a chance to win a Sightmark Wraith digital night vision scope. Winner will be determined by a random drawing on December 23, 2019, and announced on our social media channels on Christmas Eve 2019, December 24, 2019.

This is just one way we made our mark this year…

To support a healthy outdoor lifestyle, we wanted to put our philanthropic efforts toward an organization that aligns with our values, so for the 2019 hunting season, we donated 1,500 brochures, 15 Core HX 3-9x40mm Riflescopes and 5 Solitude 11-33×50 SE Spotting Scope Kits to the Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP.)

The Texas Youth Hunting Program

In 1996, the Texas Wildlife Association and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department developed the Texas Youth Hunting Program to encourage youth hunting. Since then, the program has taken over 55,000 Texas youth on guided hunts and other outdoor activities. Children are taught hunter and firearm safety, wildlife management, ethics and sportsmanship.

Partnering with landowners and skilled mentors and volunteers, the TYHP organizes deer, turkey, hog, dove, small game, exotics and waterfowl hunts for Texas youth, providing guns, ammunition, calls and other equipment, lodging and meals. Hunts generally last through the weekend providing ample bonding time between parent and child, mentor and youth and youth and nature.

You can learn more about how to get involved and the youth hunt schedule on the TYHP official website, click here.

Enter to win a Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope:

Show us how you’ve Made Your Mark by following us on social media, posting a picture of you teaching a new shooter, helping out with a youth hunt or other charitable act or event, tag us and use the hashtag #MakeYourMark for a chance to win a Sightmark Wraith digital night vision scope. Winner will be determined by a random drawing on December 23, 2019, and announced on our social media channels on Christmas Eve 2019, December 24, 2019.

Please see our Rules and Regulations before entering. 



How to Apply For Sightmark Pro Staff

Remember when your high school or college counselor told you to find your passion and then find a way to make money doing it? Well, we may not be able to pay you cash money to hunt hogs all night but Sightmark does have an awesome opportunity that pays off those active in the firearm and hunting communities.

If you already own a Sightmark product, sing its praises and share pictures of it to your 1,000+ followers, then listen up! Here’s your chance to be a Sightmark brand ambassador!

Sightmark is accepting applications for Pro Staff until Dec. 15, 2019
Accepting applications for Pro Staff until Dec. 15, 2019

We are now accepting applications for our 2020 Pro Staff. Applications are accepted from November 1 until December 15, 2019.

Important Note: Applications received after December 15, 2019, will not be considered.

This is your chance to grow your social media following and influence, meet super cool people and get discounted and even free product! We’ve reserved 25 spots for this select group of respected experts in the firearm, law enforcement and hunting communities. We will announce who made the cut on January 15, 2020!

Who Are We Looking For?

Our Pro Staff are experts in their field—be it predator hunting, competition, law enforcement, self-defense training or long-range precision shooting. Your followers look to you to provide quality content, honest reviews and good shooting tips. You are a content creator who will naturally help increase Sightmark brand awareness and help us increase traffic and drive our message. Above all, you are an excellent steward for the shooting sports community by always practicing safe firearms handling and ethical hunting practices.

Not only does the Pro Staff program benefit us by spreading the word about Sightmark, but you also benefit. By being a Sightmark brand ambassador, you grow your followers, knowledge and increase your own authority within the shooting community.

We seek a diversified group of folks interested in all types of shooting sports—hunting of all types, competition, law enforcement, pistol, tactical training, sporting clays, long-range precision, professionals…you name it, we want you involved!

What Does Pro Staff Do?

We ask our Pro Staff to:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Support
  • Provide reviews
  • Share stories of success

All of the above is achieved through quality content like pictures, videos, blog posts and articles.

You will also represent Sightmark at industry events like sponsored hunts, trade shows and competitions.

What’s in it for You?

  1. Annual credit towards Sightmark product purchases
  2. 1 free Sightmark product a year (up to $400)
  3. Welcome package with a cap and exclusive Pro Staff shirt
  4. T&E units throughout the year
  5. VIP pricing and free shipping
  6. Monthly awards to the top performer
  7. Credit awarded to best performer quarterly
  8. Product credit for each post, article or mention

From the Horse’s Mouth

If you don’t believe us when we tell you how cool our Pro Staff program is, take it from active members of past Pro Staff teams:

  • “My favorite part of the position is being the first to know about upcoming products and getting to test before others.” – Scott Massey
  • “I’ve gained a few friends through the process.  Once you get onto the Pro Staff, a group is created and you see that that common thread that connects firearms enthusiasts no matter their occupation, generation, political views, race, religion, etc.  Like-minded people can still come together to discuss share the love of shooting. I find that this gives me an opportunity to pass on information that I have learned in my career, and even if I only pass on one small piece of information, it is something that I learned that didn’t end with me.  We all learn from those that came before us.” – Jamie Trahan
  • “…It’s a cool opportunity to interact with others in the 2A industry and because it’s one more way I can try to ensure that the next generation has their rights to bear arms. I have gotten a lot out of this program. Friends in the 2A community, invites on hunts, entry into the NRA yearly meetings, and of course, the discount program provides very beneficial to the wallet.” – Dan Smith
  • “I joined the Pro Staff because I was interested in working with a team/company dedicated to improving their brand by listening to customer feedback and bringing in-demand items to market. The program is very user-friendly, low pressure and fun to be a part of. My favorite part was the ability to T&E different products I was interested in, as well as my followers were interested in my honest opinions and feedback.” – Matt DeVito
  • “I joined the Sightmark Pro Staff because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I love Sightmark products and loved the people I had met. The team is amazing, and I wouldn’t have chosen to be with anyone else.” – Travis Hartsoe
  • “Some people look at Pro Staff opportunities as only discounts on products. For me, Pro Staff is an opportunity to promote a brand you know and trust. I got more from the relationships I built within the staff group than any discount can provide. My favorite part of staffing this year was being able to work beside many Sellmark employees at the Texas Trophy Hunter Extravaganza in Ft. Worth.” – Christopher Strong

Rules and Stuff

Application Qualifications

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Legally allowed to own firearms
  • No felony convictions
  • No hunting/fishing/game violations
  • Must meet at least one of the following qualifications:
    • Have a sizable social media following
    • Military or law enforcement personnel who is actively producing relevant industry content
    • Be an industry writer
  • Must own at least 1 Sightmark product

Required Documents

  • Resume
  • High-quality headshot
  • Creative portfolio with at least 3-5 of your best hunting/shooting/LE photos
  • Industry-relevant writing sample if you are interested in writing

Program Terms & Rules

  • The relationship begins January 15, 2020, and ends December 31, 2020.
  • Pro Staff members are expected to reapply each year between November 1 – December 15 unless otherwise stated by Sellmark Corporation.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Pro Staff must provide content on a regular basis with personal units. (Regular cadence of 5 engagements (post, share, etc.) per month.)
  • Sightmark Pro Staff will be limited to 25 Pro Staff spots.
So, if you are already killin’ it on your social media channels and love Sightmark, send in an application today and be a part of a positive and fun team! You never know, it could provide the gateway to sponsorship or a job in the industry.

Flat Dark Earth vs. Black

When it comes to the way a gun looks, it is truly a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There aren’t cultural beauty standards for this type of stuff, so the curves on the Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver aren’t perceived by most gun folks to be any more attractive than the boxy GLOCK. Apart from the Liberator and Hi-Point, the way a gun looks is pretty much subjective. Traditionally, guns were blued, steel and wood but since polymer started reigning supreme, most guns now come in a wide variety of finishes—if you decide to send in your gun for Duracoating, you can have your gun look like whatever you want it to. Light, dark, patterned—you name it, you can get it!

There are hundreds of different variations of Flat Dark Earth. DuraCoat has 17 versions of flat dark earth alone. This picture shows the variations in flat dark earth from manufacturer to manufacturer.
There are hundreds of different variations of Flat Dark Earth. DuraCoat has 17 versions of flat dark earth alone. This picture shows the variations in flat dark earth from manufacturer to manufacturer.

I think the popularity of Duracoat comes from each of our desire to personalize or individualize our firearms, especially black rifles. Most popular semiauto concealed carry guns only come in one finish from the factory—black. Duracoating, colored accessories and furniture is a way to make it ours.

Some colors are more popular, or at least more marketed than others—there hasn’t been a shortage of pink, purple, or Tiffany Blue firearms marketed toward women and there are plenty of OD green, FDE and some urban gray to choose from if black gets boring. The most popular of these alternative colors is the Flat Dark Earth (FDE) which has remained an in-demand color for firearms and firearm accessories for years.

Proof is in the pudding—GLOCK’s anticipated 2018 release of the 19X is GLOCK’s first time to release a factory gun in a different color other than black. Because there are no standard specifications for FDE color matching, you’ll find it called different things. GLOCK calls its finish Coyote Brown. You’ll also find it called Desert Tan and Coyote Tan with lighter and darker variants. You can see and discuss the differences on this thread.

What is Flat Dark Earth?

FDE is an earth-toned color resembling the soil and sand found in the desert, most often in the Middle East. Militaries around the world have incorporated this muted, khaki color in their uniforms forever. In fact, “khaki” is the Persian word for the soil’s color in what is now Pakistan. Tan-based camo was officially adopted by the United States military in 1977. It looked like cookie dough and was nicknamed “chocolate chip.” It wasn’t very successful in real life desert climates, though, so in the 1990s, the military introduced the Desert Camo Uniform (DCU) when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

What are the Advantages of FDE vs. Black?

Sightmark’s M-Spec matches the Tavor
Sightmark’s M-Spec matches the Tavor

There are a few advantages to FDE vs. black. This earth-toned tan or sand color is practical and subdued and less easier to spot than black. Scratches and marring are less obvious. It doesn’t get as hot in the summertime cooking under the sun at the gun range. It is aesthetically pleasing to many and most of its popularity is due to it being a color SOCOM and Special Forces utilize. And, like some FDE fans like to say, “just like red sports cars, FDE firearms are more accurate.” 😉

Sightmark introduced Flat Dark Earth products in 2014 to meet customer demands. Many AR-15 owners like to match the furniture to the optic for cohesion. Unlike some manufacturers, Sightmark meticulously color-matched the Ultra Shot M-Spec line of reflex sights and the LoPro laser light combo to the extremely popular Magpul’s FDE. It also matches the FDE factory finish on the Tavor.

Sightmark’s Executive Vice President of Sales Jeff Murray says, “There have been many different colors of ‘tan’ called everything from Coyote Brown, Military Tan and the more popular FDE. Magpul really made this movement commercial some years ago when they started offering all their aftermarket parts in this color. Tens of thousands of AR-type rifles are sold every year and I think people just got tired of matte black, so with the U.S. Government starting to source some rifles in this color and Magpul making their furniture in FDE, it was a natural step for optics companies to start offering other color options. Sightmark has been very pleased with the sales of our flat dark earth finishes and is always looking at new functional and fun colors to adapt to our optics.”

What is your favorite alternative firearms finish? What other Sightmark products would you like to see in flat dark earth…or another color? Talk to us in the comment section!


M-Spec Red Dot Sight is Ready For Duty

The Sightmark M-Spec takes a beating from the Cheyenne, Wyoming police department and proves it’s a durable and reliable piece of essential gear.

Our country’s police forces wouldn’t be able to protect and serve without reliable equipment. They are better prepared to do their duty safely and swiftly when they are equipped with dependable gear they can trust. Sellmark Corporation Senior Law Enforcement Sales Representative Rich Collier who is also a current Deputy Constable of Tarrant County and former Chief of Police says law enforcement need their equipment to be reliable, cost-effective and have a good warranty. It is a tough job evaluating a new product. Getting it wrong can cost innocent lives. How can they be sure it won’t fail when it really matters?  In 2017, Sellmark added a dedicated team to support local, state, national and even international law enforcement personnel. With new GSA-approval, it is now easier for government agencies, including law enforcement, to purchase Puslar, Sightmark, Firefield and 12 Survivors products. Sellmark stands by its products and without hesitation will send them out to police departments for review and testing.

Sighmark Ultra Shot M-Spec reflex sight with black and white background
The Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec passes rigorous testing from the Cheyenne, Wyoming PD.
Black reflex sight with scratch marks
For 18 days, the Ultra Shot M-Spec was pushed to its limits and didn’t fail once.


One product that both law enforcement and military find useful is a red dot or reflex sight. These optics provide quick target acquisition and accurate shots, are easy to use, perform well in low-light, and allow the user to aim and shoot with both eyes open, which is important to staying situationally aware.

From February 8 to February 26, 2018, the police department of Cheyenne, Wyoming ran the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS (SM26010) through the gauntlet. In fact, they performed more rigorous testing on a product than any other department. Officer Young of Cheyenne, Wy PD pushed the M-Spec to its limits and it exceeded expectations.

The Ultra Shot M-Spec is a night-vision compatible reflex sight with an illuminated red 65 MOA circle dot crosshair reticle with 6 brightness settings.


  • 65 MOA red Circle Dot Crosshair (60 MOA circle w/ 5 MOA sub tension, 2 MOA central dot)
  • 8 brightness settings, 6 night-vision compatible settings
  • 33×24 window
  • 105’ field of view at 100 yards
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • 120 MOA elevation adjustment
  • Up to .50 caliber recoil-resistant
  • IP68 IP Rating, submersible to 40’
  • Weaver/Picatinny mount
  • CR2 battery with up to 1,000 battery life
  • Parallax-corrected lens system from 10 yards to infinity
  • -22 to 160 F operating temperature
  • 103mm long x 49mm wide x 61mm tall
  • Weighs 7.5 ounces
  • Cast magnesium housing with protective shield
  • Automatic shut off after 5 minutes of no motion

Here is the detailed account of the test:

Cheyenne, Wyoming PD received the unit along with a magnifier on February 8, 2018. It mounted quickly without issue to a DPMS AR-15 and was easily zeroed at the range. The leaver on the magnifier got in the way of the rifle’s charging handle but changing the lever to pull closed to the front made it fit better. Shooting several drills at steel targets at 100 to 25 yards, the M-Spec’s dot was easy to see and got on target quickly. After 180 rounds, the optic was still holding zero.

Drop Testing

Banged up reflex sight
This unit was dropped and thrown repeatedly and never lost zero.

The DMPS rifle was tipped over on its side 20 times and the Ultra Shot M-Spec still held zero. The magnifier was removed, and the rifle was tipped over again on top of the sight and it still held zero. The rifle was dropped from a height of 3 feet onto its side an additional 20 more times. Zero was still held. Then it was dropped from 4 feet directly onto the optic 5 times and removed from a vehicle 20 times. It was after this round of testing that zero moved three inches high.

On 2/26/18, the rifle was dropped directly on top of the optic from three feet and again, it kept zero. To test the durability of the optic by itself, it was removed from the rifle and thrown 10 feet into the air, allowing it to hit the gravel 5 times. It still held zero. Additionally, the M-Spec alone was thrown about 20 feet into the air 5 times and still held zero. The sight by itself was thrown down range 30 yards and it still stayed zero. Thrown 30 yards again—it still held zero. Thrown 45 yards down range and it stayed zero. While taking the optic on and off the rifle, Officer Young accidentally over-tightened the rear mounting screw, stripping the screw. The M-Spec had not been turned off since the department received it on February 8 and was still fully operational.

Extreme Temperatures

Two days after getting the Sightmark M-Spec, Officer Young froze the rifle with the red dot attached in sub-zero temperatures and poured water over the optic and magnifier.

After freezing, on February 13, 2018, the M-Spec was still functioning at full power, despite having been turned on since the 8th. The magnifier needed slight adjustments to bring the reticle back to center. Despite this, the M-Spec was still holding zero.

Officer Young put the rifle with the optic attached in a hot shower and then froze it in a sub-zero temperature for three hours. It was frozen multiple times and tested for fogging.

Click here to check out the M-Spec.


After finishing the drop and extreme temperature tests, Officer Young drove around with the rifle and M-Spec in his trunk for two days. He slid it down a flight of carpeted stairs. After all of this, he fired 60 rounds and found that zero was still held.

After test and evaluation were finished, the Cheyenne, Wyoming PD ordered 10 units for law enforcement use.

To reach Sellmark’s Law Enforcement team with questions about products and ordering, call 817-225-0310 extension 288.

Does your department conduct field testing of products before purchasing? If so, we’d love to hear what types of tests you perform. Leave your comments below.

Sightmark Takes Home the Hardware

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/10/19) – Voted on by Optics Planet’s “Hand-Selected Product Experts” the winners of the Optics Planet 2017 Brilliance Awards are in. After competing against tens of thousands of products, Sightmark walked away with two Brilliance Awards in the following categories:

Best Boresighter: Sightmark OPMOD G.U.M.B. Limited Edition Green Universal Boresight

Best Gen 1 Night Vision: Sightmark Ghost Hunter 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Kit

Powered by a single CR2 battery, the Optics Planet Exclusive Limited Edition Green Universal Boresight attaches magnetically to the barrel of any size pistol or rifle, saving the shooter money on wasted cartridges and the expense of buying different boresighters for different caliber barrels.

The Ghost Hunter night vision goggle kit wins Optics Planet 2017 Brilliance Award.
The Ghost Hunter night vision goggle kit wins Optics Planet 2017 Brilliance Award.

Sightmark’s Ghost Hunter 1×24 Goggle Kit was chosen to be Optics Planet best Gen 1 Night Vision Goggle due to its ability to deliver high-quality image and resolution. The Sightmark Ghost Hunter 1×24 from Sightmark is equipped with a head mount for comfortable, long-lasting, hands-free operation. Safeguards include an automatic shut-off when exposed to bright light sources, ensuring years of operation and its built-in IR illuminator comes in handy when natural ambient light is not enough. Of course, both units are backed with Sightmark’s hassle-free Lifetime Warranty.


Sightmark 10th Anniversary Ushers in a New Look!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/07/07) – Throughout the first 10 years, Sightmark committed to enhancing accuracy and your overall shooting experiences through innovative products in a constantly evolving environment. That commitment has not changed and is more emphasized than ever with the brand’s new logo, recent product launches and exciting surprises to be unveiled in January 2018.

Sightmark remains committed to making its mark honorably, reliably and dutifully.
Sightmark remains committed to making its mark honorably, reliably and dutifully.

“There’s more to our logo change than meets the eye. We are excited about the change because it emphasizes more than just the turning of a page on our 10th anniversary,” stated Sightmark President, James Sellers. “It truly symbolizes the brand’s form and function, as well as demonstrates our laser focus on advancing product technology that further enriches professional and recreational shooting and outdoor experiences.”

“For our 10-Year Anniversary, we wanted our logo to match our brand story without straying from the roots that made Sightmark great. Precision, Clarity and Boldness” adds Creative Director, Jeremy Helm. “We simplified the font to make it more crisp and clear. We cleaned up the reticle to make the lines more precise and visible. We made the entire logo one color and bolder, so we could continue to make our mark on the industry. We want people to recognize our brand no matter the size or background it is used on. We are proud of where we came from and where we are going with Sightmark.”

Sightmark Wolverine 1×28 FSR Red Dot: NTOA Recommended

After 1,000 rounds, the Wolverine holds zero and didn't malfunction once.
After 1,000 rounds, the Wolverine holds zero and didn’t malfunction once.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/01/19) – Sightmark is proud to announce the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has completed testing of the Sightmark Wolverine 1×28 FSR Red Dot Sight (SM26020), resulting in the organization’s high recommendation of the dependable red dot sight to its law enforcement community, and an overall rating of 4.62 out of 5. The Wolverine FSR received high marks from law enforcement individuals across various categories including performance, ease of use, quality, durability, accuracy and more.

Designed for close-quarter engagements, the durable Wolverine FSR Red Dot boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, is submersible to three feet of water and is protected by a single piece of rubber-armored 6061-T6 aluminum. Fog proof and nitrogen purged, the Wolverine FSR allows shooters to take aim with its 2 MOA red dot reticle in extreme temperatures ranging from -22° to 122° F. Weighing only 12.3 ounces, the Wolverine delivers heavy-duty performance in a lightweight package and has an incredible battery life of over 114 years on low setting using just a single AA battery.

One NTOA tester commented, “This is by far the best red dot sight I have used for the price…After shooting about 1,000 rounds in a month I [haven’t had] any problems with the sight. It held zero and never malfunctioned.” Another tester noted, “…the most notable feature is the power and consumption.”



Sightmark’s SS600 Tactical Flashlight Receives NTOA Recommendation

The SS600 tactical LED flashlight exceeds expectations and is confidently recommended from NTOA.
The SS600 tactical LED flashlight exceeds expectations and is confidently recommended from NTOA.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/01/19) – Sightmark is proud to announce the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has fully tested the Sightmark SS600 Tactical Flashlight (SM73010), resulting in the organization’s esteemed recommendation. The Sightmark SS600 underwent testing by NTOA members and was graded on characteristics such as design, ease of use, versatility, application and others. Joining a growing list of other Sightmark products, the SS600’s recommendation by such a respected organization attests to its performance and dependability.

Ideal for tactical situations, the ultra-tough Sightmark SS600 Flashlight features aircraft-grade aluminum construction and type II MIL-SPEC anodizing. Suitable for harsh climates and extreme abuse, this high-intensity flashlight is dustproof, waterproof and has weather resistance rating of IP67. The SS600 is designed with a 3-prong, glass-breaking bezel, allowing law enforcement and first responders a glass-breaking and self-defense tool. The flashlight has a selector switch with 3 modes: 600 lumens, 100 lumens and strobe. An exceptionally bright, Cree® T6 LED bulb delivers a solid beam of essential light for emergency situations.

One NTOA tester noted, “the appearance of the light is appealing and the machining cuts in the body provide a very slip-resistant surface and fits nicely in my hand.” Whether lighting the way for law enforcement operations or military missions, the Sightmark SS600 delivers confidence in harsh climates and during tactical situations.

About NTOA

The mission of the NTOA is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange. The association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence. To learn more about NTOA, visit