Pressure pad and mount for SM73003 RC280 Flashlight

$23.99 MSRP
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  • Weapons Mount Features
  • Durable
  • Attaches to weaver rails
  • Pressure Pad Features
  • Quick on/off capability
  • Saves battery life


Designed to operate when mounting the rechargeable Sightmark® RC280 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight to a weapon, this Pressure Pad and Weapon Mount significantly saves battery life and increases convenience for any shooter. Simply attach the pressure pad to the end of the RC280 Flashlight, and run the chord along the rail of the mounted weapon. The shooter can then keep his or her hands on the trigger and simply squeeze the pressure pad to activate the flashlight. The Pressure Pad and Weapon Mount is a vital accessory for any RC280 Flashlight user and reduces costs on pricey batteries in half. The RC280 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight operates with the Rechargeable Battery Pack (SM28016).

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Included in Package

  • Pressure pad
  • weapons mount