Mini Shot Glock Pistol Mount

$35.99 MSRP
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  • mounts Mini Shot to pistols

Compatible with Glocks with 1.18" slide width, the Mini Shot Pistol Mount is easy to use once installed and features a mounting base and dovetail, providing stabilization for the optic. The pistol mount is constructed from sturdy, anodized aluminum, enabling the unit to withstand both the tactical and training environments of tomorrow. The Mini Shot Pistol Mount mounts easily onto the pistol, replacing the rear sight holes. This allows the shooter to quickly acquiee a target and fire with both eyes open. The Mini Shot Pistol Mount guarantees effective shots on target every time.
Pistol Model Compatibility Glocks (with 1.18" slide width)
Material aluminum

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Included in Package

  • pistol mount (base and dovetail)