Sightmark® Releases the ReadyFire™ G5 Green Pistol Laser

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/12/19) – Sightmark® is pleased to announce the first of its all-new ReadyFire™ handgun laser line, the G5 Green Pistol Laser. Featuring a compact design to securely fit pistols, the ReadyFire™ G5 Green Pistol Laser pin-points targets faster than lightning. The streamlined laser mounts between the trigger guard and muzzle of any railed handgun, decreasing snag points and refraining from adding unnecessary weight to the firearm. Visibility extends to 50 yards during the day and 600 yards at night.

Green handgun laser mounted to a Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol
The green handgun laser from Sightmark is visible to 50 yards during the day and 600 yards at night.

“We’ve all been waiting patiently for the ReadyFire™ G5’s release this year. The demand has been there from dealers asking for a compact, lightweight, durable green laser, and the ReadyFire was our answer,” said Chase Stephens, National Sales/International Development Manager. “Our designers did an incredible job installing ambidextrous power buttons and extending the battery life by using a CR2 housing, which makes batteries much easier to find.”

The ReadyFire™ G5 features two modes, continuous and pulsing, to increase battery life up to 15 hours. With ambidextrous digital on/off switches, the 5 mW laser can be activated by the right- or left-handed shooter. The included pressure pad allows the unit to conveniently mount on the quad rail of various AR platforms.

Designed with a Weaver/Picatinny mount, the laser has an operating temperature range of 0°F to 120°F, making it the laser of your choice for almost every shooting scenario.

Sightmark® Debuts T6 600 Tactical Flashlight

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/12/19) – Equipped with a powerful Cree® T6 LED bulb, this high-intensity 600-lumen flashlight projects a concentrated beam bright enough to assist users with the most difficult shots in pitch black darkness. The Sightmark® T6 600 Flashlight features an aircraft-grade aluminum construction and Type II MIL-SPEC anodizing for incredible durability and endurance against corrosion. Its slim, lightweight design allows for hand-held operation and secure attachment on an AR platform.

Black, handheld tactical Cree LED flashlight
The first T6 is Sightmark’s first Cree LED. For handheld operation or mount it to your AR.

“The T6 Flashlight is the first Sightmark flashlight to carry the T6 Cree LED bulb, doubling the output of our popular Q5 model, without an increase in size,” said Chase Stephens, National Sales/International Development Manager. “The bulb keeps a compact housing so weapons-mounting and pocket carrying are both viable options again.”

With a weather resistance rating of IP67, the unit is dustproof and waterproof, ready for the harshest climates and tactical situations. The T6 600 Lumen Flashlight is designed with a 3-prong, glass-breaking bezel, equipping operators with a powerful self-defense tool to escape out of windows when desperately needed. Built for heavy recoil, and device is guaranteed to stay securely attached when mounted on an AR up to 1,000 Gs.

Sightmark® Debuts Military-Inspired Laser and Flashlight Device

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/12/19) – Inspired by military designs, the Sightmark® LoPro Combo delivers optimal precision accuracy and versatility. This multi-functional laser and flashlight device can be mounted on a Picatinny or Weaver rail of an AR-15, either in front of a riflescope without interference with field-of-view, or on the side of the quad rail. Its 220-lumen LED flashlight can be used for clearing a room or quickly spotting targets in pitch black darkness, and the laser is offset for clearing front sight post.

Green laser and flashlight combo mounted to AR-15
For 3-Gun, home defense, or tactical situations, the Sightmark LoPro combo offers shooters a flashlight and green laser sight in one unit.

“After the successful introduction of the LoPro Green Laser last year, we knew that the LoPro Combo would be the next step in the product’s evolution,” said Chase Stephens, National/International Development Manager. “Designed to be paired with a riflescope or prismatic sight, shooters now have a unit that gives their AR flexibility for any shooting situation—whether it be 3-gun, home defense or tactical scenarios.”

Featuring 1-inch MOA click adjustments, the hand adjustable windage and elevation turrets permit the user to zero in the laser dot for close-range shooting. Laser visibility ranges from 50 yards in the daytime to 600 yards at night. The LoPro Combo is equipped with push button and pressure pad operation, simplifying use and allowing the operator to quickly place the light where needed.

Constructed of high-performance thermoplastic, the LoPro Combo yields a weather resistance rating of IPX6, making it exceptionally reliable in a wide range of harsh climates. Built for durability in tactical scenarios, the unit is also resistant to 1,000G’s of maximum recoil.

Introducing the Most Durable Member of the Ultra Shot™ Family

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/12/19) – Featuring a digital switch control with six variable brightness levels for daytime use and six settings in night vision mode, the new Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ M-Spec Reflex Sight is built for adaptation to any shooting environment. Its magnesium alloy housing offers exceptional durability along with a battery life of up to 1,000 hours of superior functionality.

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec reflex sight with yellow lens
Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec reflex sight can be used during the day and at night.

“The Ultra Shot M-Spec utilizes a casted magnesium alloy, providing an extremely rigid and lightweight body that is stronger and lighter weight than aluminum,” said Jonathan Horton, Director of Product Development. “The incorporation of an improved electronic system that is powered by a CR2 battery has greatly increased the battery life up to 1,000 hours. We’re very pleased to offer this to our customers.”

The device features a protective hood that shields it from impact and a shock-proof frame for up to .50 caliber recoil. Fully submersible up to 40 feet of water, the Ultra Shot M-Spec is equipped with dual-pane glass and a parallax-corrected lens system, allowing shooters to sight accurately from 10 yards to infinity.

Sightmark® Releases Military-Inspired LoPro Combo™ in Dark Earth

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/07/28) – Sightmark® is proud to announce the highly anticipated LoPro Combo™ in dark earth. The new shade offers more than just customization; it’s also a strong proponent of concealment. With the LoPro Combo™ in dark earth, shooters can hone in on their targets with the confidence they’ll remain hidden.

Flat Dark Earth AR-15 light and laser combo
The Sightmark LoPro AR-15 light and laser combo is now available in Dark Earth.

“Given the increasing popularity of the new LoPro Combo™ – which debuted earlier this spring – and the growing trend of this shade among AR users, it wasn’t long before our customers asked for this item in dark earth,” said Chase Stephens, National/International Development Manager. “We are constantly working to improve our products and strongly value customer feedback. The new LoPro Combo™ in dark earth reflects those efforts.”

This military-inspired, multi-functional laser and flashlight device can be mounted on a Picatinny or Weaver rail of an AR-15, either in front of a riflescope without interference with field-of-view, or on the side of the quad rail.

Its 220-lumen LED flashlight can be used for clearing a room or quickly spotting targets in pitch black darkness, and the laser is offset for clearing front sight post. Laser visibility ranges from 50 yards in the daytime to 600 yards at night. The LoPro Combo™ is equipped with push button and pressure pad operation, simplifying use and allowing the operator to quickly place the light where needed.

Introducing the Sightmark® Night Raider™ 3x60L Night Vision Riflescope

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014-07-24) – Sightmark® is proud to announce an improved version of the ever-popular Night Raider™ Night Vision Riflescope. Engineered with a built-in, high-power laser IR illuminator for increased viewing range, the new Night Raider 3x60L is designed for exceptional short- to long-range nighttime hunting and observation. Its 60mm lens improves light gathering capability significantly, providing high resolution and vivid imaging nearly 250 yards out.

Black Night Raider 3x60 night vision scope mounted on a AR-15
With built-in high-power IR illuminator, the Night Raider is one of Sellmark’s most popular night vision scopes.

Featuring a red/green rangefinding reticle, the night vision scope is equipped with incremental reticle brightness adjustment and quick power-up operation. Adding to its superior functionality, the Night Raider 3x60L yields a stabilized power supply – two vertically inserted AA batteries – that resists heavy recoil and ensures uninterrupted operation with every shot.

The device includes a protective flip-up objective lens cover for added security to the lens, a remote control, and a weaver rail for a digital camera adapter. Protected by a three-year warranty on the tube and Sightmark’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on the housing, the Night Raider 3x60L Night Vision scope is built to meet the highest requirements and standards of the serious night vision user.

Sightmark® Introduces the Ultimate Tactical Flashlight: the SS2000™

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/07/11) – Sightmark® is pleased to introduce the SS2000™ Tactical Flashlight—an advanced high lumen output flashlight small enough to mount on tactical firearms. Equipped with Sightmark’s unique Selector Switch, the SS2000 cycles through three settings: 2,000 lumens, 280 lumens or strobe. Similar to its predecessor, the Sightmark H2000™ Tactical Flashlight, the SS2000 features three Cree® LEDs to provide brilliant illumination for even the darkest of situations.

2,000-lumen tactical LED flashlight
This bright CREE LED tactical flashlight boasts 2,000 lumens

“The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight is the latest development in our line of award-winning flashlights,” said Jeff Murray, Vice President of Sales. “We took our already industry-leading H2000 and dramatically improved on it by adding our unique Selector Switch. We observed the market demand to develop a compact, high lumen output flashlight that could still be affordable, and the SS2000 encompasses all those features.”

The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight features Sightmark’s patented glass-breaking bezel for breaking windows and self-defense. Constructed with Type II MIL-SPEC, anodized, aircraft grade aluminum, the SS2000 is built for exceptional durability, protection against corrosion and heavy recoil resistance.

Included with the SS2000 Tactical Flashlight are: two rechargeable batteries, a battery recharger, a weapon mount, on/off push button, pressure switch and three color filters: blue, green and red.

Sightmark® Releases the 6-100×100 Spotting Scope

Introducing the First Optical Unit of its Kind

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/07/11) – Sightmark® is proud to introduce the 6-100×100 Spotting Scope, the first 100x magnification spotting scope ever released.  The spotting scope offers users clear views at distances up to 1,000 yards. Its dual optical system provides great versatility by giving the user two scopes in one, offering both a 6x magnification and a 100x magnification.

Dark Earth spotting scope with 100x magnificaation with tripod, case, and accessories.
Sightmark’s spotting scope is the first 100x magnification scope ever released.

“The new 6-100×100 was developed to offer amazing magnification and functionality. The many features on this scope make it an incredible value,” said Sightmark President James Sellers. “There is no scope like this on the market, as it integrates the most cutting edge optical technology with easy-to-use features.”

The 6x magnification and 122.8-meter field-of-view allow the user to efficiently acquire targets, while the 100x magnification is perfect for viewing longer distances.

The device features a 100mm objective lens that permits more light to enter the scope, making the image crisper and clearer. Whether you are a shooter, big game hunter, bird watcher, or an enthusiast who enjoys bringing the great outdoors closer, the Sightmark 6-100×100 Spotting Scope is the perfect instrument for all viewing needs. Included with the scope are: a tripod, carrying case, lens cover, sunshade cover and lens cleaner.

Sightmark Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology for Stunning Imaging

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/03/27) – Equipped with phase-corrected, fully broadband multi-coated optics for stunning imaging at the entire range of the visible spectrum, the Sightmark® Solitude XD Binoculars allows outdoorsmen or sports aficionados to explore and enjoy his or her surroundings to the fullest. These state-of-the-art binoculars feature cutting-edge technology such as extra-low dispersion (XD) glass, Bak-4 roof prisms and an advanced magnesium bridge, offering high resolution, contrast and color fidelity.

black binoculars
The Solitude 10×42 XD binoculars correct color defects and provide a clear view.

The binocular’s glass helps correct optical color defects, caused when different light wavelengths do not converge at the same point after passing through optical glass. The Bak-4 roof prism system features a straight-through light system, achieving better light transmission and allowing for a more compact design. The twist-up eye cups on the Solitude 10×42 XD binoculars provide a comfortable, custom fit, helping to correct eye relief at any viewing position.


Cabela’s Becomes First Full-Line Retailer of Sightmark Products

Cabela's logo with Sightmark products

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2013/07/04) — Sightmark® is proud to announce that all major products including riflescopes, night vision, red dot magnifiers, boresights and laser sights can be found not only in Cabela’s® stores nationwide, but in catalogs and the official Cabela’s website as well. This partnership highlights the growing popularity of the Sightmark brand, and offers customers more ways to learn about Sightmark’s high quality products. A Sightmark retailer since 2009, Cabela’s has increased the amount of Sightmark products sold in its stores each year. With the addition of Sightmark products available in Cabela’s catalogs and online, shoppers now have more than one resource to purchase Sightmark’s sought-after firearm accessories to enhance their shooting experience and prepare for the upcoming hunting season. To begin shopping, log on to To stay up to date with Sightmark, visit Facebook.