Sightmark to Make its Mark at IACP 2016

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/08/17) – Sightmark proudly announces a plan to support law enforcement worldwide by attending the 2016 International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention, scheduled for Oct. 15 – 18, in San Diego, California. “We are huge fans of the global law enforcement community,” stated Sellmark President, James Sellers. “We recognize their commitment to serving and their need for high-quality, reliable equipment designed to enrich experiences and increase survivability.”

During the convention, Sightmark plans to exhibit new, innovation-driven optics, sights and accessories as well as our most popular tried-and-true offerings. Sightmark products planned for exhibition include the Pinnacle 1-6×24 and 5-30×50 first focal plane riflescopes, Wolverine and Wolfhound tactical optics, Ultra Shot M-Spec reflex sight, tactical magnifiers, night vision optics and more.

IACP attendees visiting the Sightmark booth are sure to learn about a wealth of innovative high-quality optics and accessories, and see first-hand just how well the brand pays attention to the needs of law enforcement. Virtually all Sightmark products include a limited lifetime warranty.

Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6×24 TMD Riflescope: NTOA Tested and Recommended!

The Sightmark Pinnacle 5-30x50 TMD scope has been field-tested by law enforcement and officially approved and recommended.
NTOA tested and recommended, Sightmark’s Pinnacle passes with flying colors.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/08/11) – Pulsar is proud to announce the product performance results of the Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6×24 TMD Riflescope, as review by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). NTOA is a premier training resource and tactics development organization catering to law enforcement professionals nationwide.

“Thank you for participating in our Member Tested and Recommended Program. The Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6×24 TMD Riflescope has been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association.”

Sightmark’s first-focal-plane Pinnacle™ 1-6x24mm TMD Riflescope features a rugged, hard-anodized 30mm aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum tube and razor-sharp, fully multi-coated glass. The versatile Tactical Mil-Dash (TMD) reticle is specifically designed for on-the-fly rangefinding and lightning-quick target acquisition.

Engineered with Sightmark’s Triple Duty™ concept and featuring a limited lifetime warranty, the Pinnacle 1-6x24TMD, with 0.1 MRAD windage and elevation adjustability, is perfectly suited for your rugged, fast-paced competition, tactical and hunting lifestyle.

About the National Tactical Officers Association

The mission of the NTOA is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange. The association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence.


Sightmark LoPro Laser and Laser-Light Combo Make Their Marks

The Sightmark LoPro AR-15 light and laser combo is now available in Dark Earth
These low-profile lasers and light and laser combos work just as well for professionals as they do civilians.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/08/11) – Sightmark LoPro Laser and Laser-Light Combo firearm accessories make their marks with the precision accuracy and rock-solid reliability you have come to expect. Built for demanding professionals as well as serious hunting and shooting enthusiasts, Sightmark’s laser and laser-light combo devices are the perfect solution for fast target acquisition, accuracy in less than ideal situations, firearm training, hunting, defense and low-light shooting. Sightmark LoPro laser accessories are designed to install easily, adjust quickly and make co-witnessing easy without compromising sight picture.

Both units feature a rugged thermoplastic flat dark earth (FDE), IPX6 weather-resistant housing, Class IIIa 532nm green laser, 1.5-inch dot size at 50 yards, laser visibility to 600 yards, and 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments with MOA ranges up to 500 and 380 respectively. Both units boast push button and pressure pad operation and deliver 12-hours of laser-only operation with a single CR123A battery. Battery runtime for the Sightmark LoPro Laser-Light Combo is up to 17 hours with light-only or up to 4.5 hours with simultaneous laser and light usage. Digital switch operation and MOA adjustment knobs make fast operation and adjustments easy even while wearing gloves while the lightweight, compact, shockproof design helps makes your rifle system carry weight more manageable.

Sightmark Photon Night Vision Riflescopes Light Up the Night

Compared to other digital night vision scopes on the market, the Sightmark Photon XT offers incredible value.
Compared to other digital night vision scopes on the market, the Sightmark Photon XT offers incredible value.

(MANSFIELD, TX 2016/08/04) – Built around a 30mm tube for standard mounting on all firearms systems using 30mm scope rings or single-piece mounts, Photon XT scopes are designed specifically for quick, easy mounting and use on countless firearm applications. The rubber eyepiece and sharp, built-in LCD screen make target acquisition ultra-fast while variable IR settings and reticle options, including type and illumination brightness, also provide a customized sight picture in any environment, day or night. Speaking of day or night, Sightmark Photon XT Riflescopes include an objective lens cover with a pinhole to deliver optimal light during daytime use; however, users can be assured damage-free daytime use even with the objective lens fully exposed.

Offered in three models, Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescopes feature IPX4 weatherproof and shockproof protection, a rugged 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum tube and a rubber-armored component body. All models also feature a 640×480 LCD internal display, CMOS sensor, 656×492 camera resolution, front focus objective lens, additional weaver rail, video output and IR illumination.

The Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L (SM18007) boasts 6.5x magnification, a 50mm objective lens, 2.3” eye relief and a 780nm laser IR illuminator while the Photon XT50S (SM18009) incorporates all of the same quality features, but utilizes an 810mn LED IR illuminator. The Sightmark Photon XT 4.6×42 (SM18008) features 4.6x magnification, a 42mm objective lens and an 810nm LED IR illuminator. Contrary to many night vision options in the marketplace Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescopes offer intuitive, easy-to-use interface, resist bright light exposure and six reticle styles. Every Photon XT includes a carry case, user manual, video cable and lens cloth.

Special App? Sightmark has a Core SX scope for that!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/08/04) – Durable yet lightweight, the Sightmark Core SX series offers specialized riflescopes tackling a wide range of shooting and hunting applications. Designed for serious hunters and shooting professionals, the Core SX Series delivers precision quality optics options for less traditional applications.

All Core SX scope models are IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and fog proof for unparalleled reliability, even in extreme environments. The Core’s 1-inch tube is constructed of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Finely etched reticles, MOA windage and elevation adjustments, and advanced scratch-resistant, multi-coated lenses bring your targets into razor-sharp focus.

Core SX 2-7×32 SGR Shotgun Scope

BDC reticle stands up to harsh recoil and long eye relief for any shotgun.
BDC reticle stands up to harsh recoil and long eye relief for any shotgun.

With a BDC reticle built for recoil from powerful calibers, the Core SX features resettable, capped turrets designed to protect zero. The Core SX’s long eye relief is ideal for many shotgun varieties. ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments coupled with a robust housing make this 2-7x scope well suited for hunting applications.

Core SX 4×32 .22 LR Rimfire Riflescope

This fixed power rimfire scope is made for small game hunting.
This fixed power rimfire scope is made for small game hunting.

This fixed power riflescope, designed for small game hunting and target shooting, has reticle holdover points out to 200 yards to help compensate for bullet drop. The aircraft-grade aluminum and hard anodized finish protect the single-piece, 1” tube from a wide range of outdoor elements.

Core SX 3-9×40 .22 LR Rimfire Riflescope

Varmint hunting to plinking, this rimfire scope is calibrated for .22 LR 40-grain to 29-grain ammo.
Varmint hunting to plinking, this rimfire scope is calibrated for .22 LR 40-grain to 29-grain ammo.

Calibrated for .22 LR 40-grain SV and 29-grain HV, this variable magnification riflescope is excellent for the varmint hunter or range shooter. The metal reticle with ¼ MOA adjustments is great for accommodating various shooting distances and wind variables while the Core SX’s multi-coated lens reinforces this scope’s reliability.


Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts Swing into Action

Rock-solid mounting and dependable, this flip-to-side mount helps you quickly engage targets.
We made these to help you adjust your optics from close to mid-range when seconds count.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/07/14) – Adjusting optics from close- to mid-range on the fly has always been challenging, especially under high-stress operations and high-stakes competitive matches. Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts swing into action to resolve this issue in less than a second without compromising your movements or ability to quickly acquire and engage targets.

Built rugged to stand up to the abuse of military, law enforcement and hardcore professional competitors, Sightmark’s Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts boast heavy-duty aluminum 6061-T6 construction and a hardened anodized matte black, anti-reflective finish.

Sightmark Flip-to-Side Magnifier Mounts are available in two 30mm models, SM34015 and SM34016. SM34015 offers rock-solid mounting via a single installation screw and a two-part ring. SM34015 is designed to accommodate any 30mm magnifier. SM34016 offers a single-piece ring with one clamping point and a rock-solid, locking quick-detach (QD) base. SM34016 fits only straight 30mm magnifiers without an objective bell. Both models are designed to fit perfectly on Picatinny rail systems.



Sightmark Core SX Optics Set sights on Special Firearms

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/07/12) – Delivering high-performance optics in a rugged yet lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum body, the Sightmark Core SX Series is designed for demanding specialty hunting and shooting applications. The Core SX Series’ finally deliver precision quality optics options for serious professionals, hunters and shooting enthusiasts choosing to employ slightly less traditional methods.

All Core SX scope models are IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, fog proof for uncompromising reliability even in extreme environments. The Core’s 30mm tube is constructed entirely of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Finely etched reticles, parallax and MOA adjustments, and advanced scratch-resistant, fully multi-coated lenses bring your outdoor pursuits into razor-sharp focus.

Core SX 4×32 Pistol Scope

This pistol scope features the extra-long eye relief required for handgun optics.
This pistol scope features the extra-long eye relief required for handgun optics.

The Core SX 4×32 Pistol Scope features the extra-long eye relief required for handgun optics. 4x fixed magnification prepares handgun shooters and hunters alike for quick close- to mid-range shots. True to Sightmark’s reputation for durability, the Core SX pistol scope handles magnum recoil, up to .454 Casull, like a pro. Target acquisition comes easy with the tapered duplex reticle, empowering handgunners to react and shoot on the fly.

Core SX 1×24 Shotgun Scope

The 1x24mm Core SX shotgun scope is the perfect turkey hunting companion.
The 1x24mm Core SX shotgun scope is the perfect turkey hunting companion.

Designed to withstand heavy recoil, the Core SX just might be the perfect recreational shooting and turkey hunting companion. The Sightmark Core quality includes amazing clarity and light-gathering, the 1×24 also conforms to “no magnification” laws. Extended eye relief, ½ MOA windage and elevation adjustability, a fine-etched duplex reticle, as well as a long eye relief for use with shotguns or muzzleloaders.

Core SX 3×32 Crossbow Scope

3x32 VXR-L crossbow scope illuminates with 11 brightness settings and is made for hunters.
3×32 VXR-L crossbow scope illuminates with 11 brightness settings and is made for hunters.

Crossbow shooters finally have a premium optic they can depend on for precision target shooting and high-stakes hunting. The Sightmark Core SX 3×32 VXR-L Riflescopes deliver the increased range and versatility crossbow hunters often need. The Core SX Crossbow Scope boasts 4 holdovers for precise accuracy out to 60 yards and makes quick adjustments for arrow-drop easier than ever. 0-11 brightness settings allow shooters to customize black or red illuminated reticles for improved sight picture even in front of complex backgrounds.

Core SX 1.5-4.5×32 Crossbow Scope


Tuned to 250-400 fps crossbow speeds, the Core SX 1.5-4.5×32 Crossbow Scope accomplishes arrow drop compensation with exceptional accuracy. The etched glass reticle is red illuminated with 11 different brightness settings, making visibility optimal even in low light situations. Featuring variable zoom magnification, the Core SX 1.5-4.5×32 Crossbow Scope adapts to a wide range of hunting environments with razor-sharp

The variable magnification Core SX crossbow scope is tuned to 250-400 fps crossbows.
The variable magnification Core SX crossbow scope is tuned to 250-400 fps crossbows.

imaging and rock-solid rangefinding reliability.


Aim Small With the Sightmark Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight

The Sightmark mini shot red dot sight will work on handguns, shotguns and smaller rifles.
Build for recoil—made for shotguns, handguns, and smaller-framed rifles.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/07/11) – Sightmark reminds shooters to aim small, miss small with the Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight. While the Mini Shot Pro was specifically designed as a second sight option, such as 45° rail mounted, for tactical-style rifles, the optic is also perfectly suited for use with shotguns, handguns and smaller-frame rifles. Whether you depend on sight performance for close-quarter operations or competitive shooting, The Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight makes its mark.

“The Mini Shot Pro’s advanced optical quality and parallax control keep the reticle centered and provides a razor-sharp, distortion-free sight picture from edge to edge for faster, more precise target acquisition and engagement,” said Sellmark’s director of product development, Jonathan Horton. “It’s also rock solid. We designed the Mini Shot Pro Reflex to handle the extreme demands of recoil and rugged environments.”

The lightweight, IPX4 weatherproof and shockproof Mini Shot Pro Spec features a durable, protective, anodized aluminum hood and body, digital switch, 5 reticle brightness settings, a 5 MOA red dot, click MOA windage and elevation adjustments and a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens coating.

Powered by a single CR1632 battery with a runtime of up to 20 hrs. on high and 10,000 hours on low, the Sightmark Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight gives you the long-lasting reticle reliability you depend upon.

Sightmark offers the Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex in two reticle-color models, red (SM26006) or green (SM26007). Both models include a weaver and Picatinny rail mount, protective shield, low profile mount, riser mount for lower 1/3 co-witnessing, CR1632 battery, Allen wrench and lens cloth.

Sightmark® Sets Sights on Pinnacle First Focal Plane Precision Riflescopes

The Pinnacle 5-30x50mm riflescope is made for precision, long-range shooting.
High-def optics and crystal-clear resolution make the Sightmark Pinnacle riflescope ideal for short- and long-range distances

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/06/28) – Designed in the U.S.A. and manufactured in Japan with premium scratch-resistant, fully multi-coated Japanese glass, the IPX67 waterproof, shockproof and fog proof Sightmark® Pinnacle™ First-Focal Plane Series Riflescopes make every shot count, from close- to mid-range with the 1-6x24mm to extended-range with the 5-30x50mm. No matter the target… or distance, the Pinnacle Series is master-crafted, with unparalleled world-class optical superiority, to deliver repeatable precision accuracy every time, in virtually any climb or place. When it’s time to make your mark the Sightmark Pinnacle Series ensures you’re not just on target—you’re at center mass.

The Pinnacle™ 1-6x24mm features a 30mm 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum tube with a durable matte anodized finish and is available in two reticles: a multi-purpose Tactical Mil-Dash reticle for rangefinding and quick target acquisition, and an advanced ballistically-matched CDC-300 reticle for subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout. Engineered with Sightmark’s Triple Duty™ concept, the 1-6x24TMD, with 0.1 MRAD windage and elevation adjustability, is ideal for competition, tactical and hunting environments and includes fully adjustable ballistics-tested BDC dials for both 5.56×45 55gr and 7.62×51 180gr loads. The 1-6x24AAC features ½ MOA per click adjustments and a CDC-300 reticle for subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout, complete with holdovers from 100-800 yards.

“If you can’t see it, you can’t hit it!”

The Sightmark Pinnacle 5-30×50 First Focal Plane Precision Riflescope delivers the kind of long-range reach most people only dream about. With the right combination of a practiced marksman, the right rifle, reliable data and the Pinnacle 5-30×50, banging steel is not just doable, it’s all-day repeatable. The 34mm 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum tube with durable matte anodized finish lets in plenty of natural light for long-range hunting and shooting even in low light while the Tactical Mil-Dash (TMD) red/green illuminated reticle makes quick long-range target acquisition easy, even on dark targets. Whether your passion for long-range shooting lands you on Precision Rifle Series firing lines around the country, the long-range hunt of a lifetime… or both, the Sightmark Pinnacle 5-30×50 is there to ensure you make the kind of mark people remember.


Sightmark Wolfhound 3×24 and 6×44 Sights: Perfect Prismatic Predators

The Sightmark Wolfhound
The Sightmark Wolfhound

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/06/24) – Sightmark® is proud to present its line of Wolfhound Prismatic Sights. Built aggressively, with speed and agility in mind, Wolfhound sights rise to the top of the prismatic optics food chain to reign as the industry’s top predator.

Wolfhound magnified sights are available in 3×24 for close-range hunting and operations while the 6×44 leads the pack for long-range objectives. Both models are offered with 7.5 MOA horseshoe (HS) duplex reticles, with 0.5 MOA center points, designed for both 55-grain and 52-grain loads, while the 3×24 also is available with an HS-AAC, perfectly suited for .300 Blackout in either 125-grain or 220-grain supersonic and subsonic loads. The Wolfhound 6×44 is also available to take down long-distance prey with a long-range duplex (LRD) reticle calibrated for standard .308 M118LR 175-grain ammunition. All reticle options include 5-position red and green illumination, 100-yard parallax settings, and ultra-fine 0.5 MOA subtension lines for improved target acquisition.

Sightmark’s Wolfhound line of prism sights are rugged and ready to handle extreme situations between -40° to 160° F. Both the 3×24 and 6×44 offerings include durable prism glass systems and adjustable diopters designed to render razor-sharp image quality. Equally as impressive as the prism and premium, fully multi-coated, scratch-resistant lenses, the Wolfhound’s rubber armored, high-grade, anodized 6061 aluminum body provides peace-of-mind dustproof, shockproof, hermetically sealed, IP68-submergible protection from anything the field has to throw at it. While Wolfhound 6×44 models feature a top-mounted Picatinny rail to accommodate an additional accessory, all models include precise windage and elevation adjustability with superb tracking. 3×24 models feature ½ MOA clicks while 6×44 models shift ¼” MOA per click.

Whether Sightmark Wolfhound Prismatic Sights lead the way into military missions, law enforcement operations, 3-gun competition or simply hunting prey, such as predators do, this military-inspired, superb tracking, ultra innovative alpha male of the prismatic sight world is ready to help you make your mark. All models include a rubber lens cover, honeycomb objective lens filter and CR2032 battery.