Wraith Scope Reticles Explained

 A reticle is a pattern of lines, marks or dots (or a combination of the three) in an optic’s field of view purposed as a shooter’s aiming point.

Imagine going to a sporting goods store to look for a fresh pair of sneakers. You’d like to use them to exercise but also to wear for a night out. Hard decision, right? The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope will not give you the obstacle of having to pick between two products. With ease, you can customize your reticle settings with the new Wraith HD. The Wraith HD features 10 reticle options featuring Milrad and MOA reticles with 9 different colors to choose from. Reticle and color options give every user the option to customize their optic to their preferred style.

About the Wraith HD

The 4-32x50mm Wraith digital night vision scope can be used to hunt and shoot day or night with removable IR illuminator.
The technologically advanced Wraith is a digital day and night vision riflescope.

Sightmark revolutionized the hunting world with the new Wraith HD 4-32x50mm Digital Riflescope. An advanced 1920×1080 HD sensor provides full-color clarity in the daytime along with classic emerald or black and white viewing digital night vision modes perfect for post-sunset pursuits. The included removable 850nm IR illuminator enhances your detection range at night 200 yards. You can also record with onboard recording and export your content to share with others on social media or to your friends at home.

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What is a Reticle?

A reticle, digital or not, is a central focal point, often compromised of a pattern of fine lines within an optical device like a riflescope or reflex sight. Reticles provide a source of measurement when engaging in close- to long-range shots at a shooting range or when hunting. The Wraith includes a number of reticle options and most contain crosshairs. The variations include chevron, post, dots, circles or a combination of each. The crosshairs represent the intersecting line between the X- and Y-axis or as many know it by, the cross “+”. Each line is called a sub-tension line and the space between each line is the sub-tension which has an increment value when shooting at longer distances.

Wraith’s Reticle Overview by Use

Long-Range Reticles

Reticles 1, 7 and 8 are designed for long-range target shooting and hunting where holdovers are appropriate. Reticles 1 and 7 are both Mil-radian (MRAD) reticles — meaning the subtensions lines are measured by 1 MRAD and the subtentions (spaces between each subtension line) are in 0.5 MRAD increments. The way reticle 1 differs from reticle 8 is reticle 1 features a 0.13 MRAD center dot for a precision shot. Reticle eight is a Minute-of-Angle (MOA) reticle. The Y-axis measures each subtension line at 5 MOA and the X-axis features 10 MOA subtension lines with 2 MOA subtentions.

Reticle 1 is a MRAD reticle with dot for long-range shooting
Reticle 1
Wraith digital riflescope reticle 7 for long-range shooting
Reticle 7
Reticle 8 features a 0.13 MRAD center dot for precision shooting
Reticle 8

Close- to Mid-Range Reticles

Reticles 3, 4, 9 and 10 are close- to mid-range reticles used for target shooting and mid-range hog, predator and deer hunting. These reticles aren’t as complex as the first batch meant for long-range. Reticle 3 is a cross center dot reticle with (4) 0.45 MOA crosshairs with a 1 MOA center dot with a distance of 2.35 MOA between the circle-dot and crosshairs. Reticle 9 is very similar to reticle 3, except reticle 9 does not have a top crosshair. The fourth reticle in this lineup is a crosshair and features 4 simple .45 MOA hash marks, reticle 10 features cross reticle features.11 MOA thick crosshairs.

This is a close- to mid-range reticle for target shooting, hog, predator and deer hunting
Reticle 9
Reticle 3 is designed for hog, predator and deer hunting and is accurate from close- to mid-range shooting distances
Reticle 3
Reticle 4 is a simple crosshair reticle
Reticle 4
Reticle 10 features 0.11 MOA thick crosshairs
Reticle 10

Close-Quarter Reticles

Reticles 2, 5 and 6 are perfect for close-range target shooting and hunting. These less complex reticles are great for quick target acquisition when hunting hog or predators and are also great for close quarter engagements. Reticle 2 is a 30 MOA circle with a 3 MOA dot and 40 MOA crosshairs. The last two reticles feature a 1 MOA dot and a 2.5 MOA V-reticle with 0.5 MOA line thickness.

Wraith's reticle 2 has 30 MOA circle with a 3 MOA dot and 40 MOA crosshairs
Reticle 2
Reticle 5 is an illuminated 1 MOA dot reticle
Reticle 5
Reticle 6 for close range shooting has a 2.5 MOA chevron reticle
Reticle 6

Color and Benefits

The Wraith HD offers nine reticle color options – black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta. The primary purpose of reticle color is contrast. The contrast between the reticle and target allows for quick target acquisition. Some reticle colors work best for you during the day, like black, since at night it would blend in. The top choices when hunting at night are red, green and orange, all three are vibrant giving them the best contrast. The rest of the colors—white, yellow, cyan, blue and magenta—are great to use but are more of a personal preference.

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