(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/08/17) – When every close-quarter trigger-pull counts, the Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight helps you achieve consistently accurate shooting, even when sight picture is less than perfect.

Sightmark Core Shot reflex sight with anti-reflective coating and curved glass system
When there is no room for error and accuracy is essential, the Core Shot is the optic you need for close quarters.

The Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight employs parallax correction and an advanced, anti-reflective, coated, curved glass system to keep your sight picture crystal clear, field of view wide and red dot centered even when your sight alignment is off-angle for faster target acquisition and more confident shooting.

Whether your trigger time is spent in a duty capacity, competition or just a little relaxing range time, the IPX4 weatherproof Core Shot Reflex Sight’s hard-anodized aluminum body and shockproof design to stand up to any gritty challenge.


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