The Pinnacle 5-30x50mm riflescope is made for precision, long-range shooting.
The Pinnacle 5-30x50mm riflescope is made for precision, long-range shooting.

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2015/02/20) – After a successful launch of the Pinnacle™ 1-6×24 Riflescope, the first model to debut in the premium first-focal plane line, Sightmark® is very proud to announce the release of the larger Pinnacle™ 5-30×50 Riflescope. This scope is engineered for precision long-range shooting out to 1,000 yards and beyond, making it ideal for F-class competition shooting and law enforcement applications.

Its zero-stop elevation dial allows shooters to easily set a stopping point at the chosen sight in range, guaranteeing an instant return to the original zero every time. The 34mm tube maximizes internal adjustment range and offers improved rigidity compared to 30mm and 1-inch tubes – perfect for long-range, high-caliber rifles. Additionally, its large 50mm objective lens maintains a bright, high-resolution image, critical for long-range precision.

Sophisticated Optics for Clear Viewing

Precision machined with high-definition optics and premium Japanese glass, the Pinnacle 5-30x50TMD offers a 6x zoom range, permitting the shooter to adjust the power up to 30x; and a crystal-clear resolution from edge to edge. The TMD-HW reticle is designed for range estimation and holdovers for bullet drop, crosswind and moving targets. This first-focal plane reticle remains in the same visual proportion to the target across the riflescope’s entire magnification range, allowing shooters to rangefind and shoot with holdovers at any magnification effectively.

Durable Design for Harsh Conditions

This riflescope’s hard-anodized finish protects the housing from harsh elements and the matte black finish provides concealment. Its 5 brightness settings deliver unmatched clarity in bright to low light conditions. Shooters have the luxury of a capped or exposed turret option as well as scratch-resistant lenses, helping to further protect the optic from impact.

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